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Cities: Skylines DLC – a guide to every major expansion

ad_1 Let’s talk about Cities: Skylines DLC. This is a Paradox game to the core and a really decent city-building game to boot. The vanilla package alone is perfectly playable, but most of the creative freedom and meaningful options are locked behind expansions; if you want to place bus lines, build a university, or construct a single...

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The best Sims 4 expansion packs 2024

ad_1 What are the best Sims 4 expansion packs? The Sims 4 has graced our monitors since 2014 but it certainly hasn’t stopped growing its offering in the form of expansion packs. Though The Sims 5 might be on the horizon, its predecessor isn’t losing its shine and is still receiving regular new expansion packs. …...

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Diablo expansion rumours restarted after new concept art leak shows updated Necromancer

ad_1 The pre-BlizzCon leaks continue for Blizzard this morning after the same accidental gear store reveal that gave us Sombra concept art also revealed something Diablo-shaped. This one is a little more mysterious as exactly what it’s for remains up in the air. In the art, which you can see a larger version of below, …...

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