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Nioh, the dark Samurai Soulslike, comes to PC with all DLC next month


Nioh, the Soulslike samurai ARPG and PlayStation 4 exclusive, is shortly to land on its second platform: your personal computer. Publishers Koei Tecmo have announced that Nioh: Complete Edition will come to Steam on November 7.

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The complete edition includes all three DLC expansions to the base game and can be played in two modes: action mode offers a stable 60fps, while cinematic mode offers display resolutions up to 4k. To celebrate, developers Team Ninja – the people behind the famously difficult Ninja Gaiden series – have added a new kabuto-style helmet with a valve on it.

Unlike the PS4 version, Nioh: Complete Edition will have all seven weapon types, ninjutsu and onmyo magics unlocked from the beginning. Finishing the core game will grant incremental access to deeper levels of The Abyss, a series of punishing end-game dungeons, and unlock features like the Dual Guardian Spirit.

Nioh is a challenging dark fantasy action-RPG based loosely around the story of William Adams, the first western Samurai, with a generous smattering of Japanese supernatural folklore. Its three DLCs add new areas, side-quests, equipment, enemies, and main missions concluding William’s story.

Nioh: Complete Edition already has a Steam page, which you can view here.