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Blade Ball codes February 2024 – free skins and spins

ad_1 February 15, 2024: There’s a new Blade Ball code in. What are the new Blade Ball codes? Those who want to stand out while playing this dodgeball game can splash out on new weapons, skills, and even explosive effects. To get them, though, you need coins, and there are ways to instantly get a small amount of …...

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Tower of Fantasy characters: all Simulacra, traits and skins

ad_1 So you want to know about Tower of Fantasy characters? Known in-game as ‘Simulacra’, these are the new anime game’s collectable personae that you can earn. Sometimes they come as quest rewards, but the main unlock method is through interacting with the myriad of progression systems, events, and the ‘special order’ banners...

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Ana Amari’s skins, abilities and lore: everything we know about Overwatch’s first new hero

ad_1 A trailer has just released showing off the new Overwatch hero – a medic sniper who’ll patch you up from a distance, or maybe just shoot you. Who knows. Everything else we know about new Overwatch heroes over here. Blizzard recently teased something sniper-related on Twitter, as we noted. They released the schematics for...

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Overwatch 2 mythic skins aren’t about the money, Blizzard says

ad_1 The Overwatch 2 mythic skins will be available via the battle pass, and if Cyber Demon Genji is anything to go by, they’re set to look amazing. Despite knowing mythic skins could make more money, Blizzard elected to leave them out of the FPS game‘s store, claiming they wanted the cosmetics to be the “centrepiece” …...

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How to transfer skins to Overwatch 2

ad_1 Want to know how to transfer skins to Overwatch 2? If you are a veteran of the competitive FPS game, you may have accumulated a vast trove full of stylish skins that you want to wear to make your opponents super jealous. Migrating your Overwatch account progress to the sequel also transfers all sprays, …...

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Overwatch 2 Winter Wonderland skins

ad_1 What are the Overwatch 2 Winter Wonderland skins? If you’re feeling the chill, seasonal skins can bring some much-needed holiday cheer. The Winter Wonderland event includes limited-time game modes that make for a welcome change of pace from the regular format – however, the exclusive skins up for grabs are truly the gift that...

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Overwatch 2 Halloween event date, skins, maps, and modes 2022

ad_1 The Overwatch 2 Halloween event is called Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride, and it’s the first seasonal event to take place in Overwatch 2. The original Junkenstein’s Revenge was a stand-out in Overwatch’s seasonal schedule since its debut in 2017, so it’s no surprise that it’s making a comeback for...

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CS2 skins explained

ad_1 How do CS2 skins work? CS2 skins alter the appearance of weapons, gloves, and knives, giving players the chance to show off their library of digital assets. Returning Counter-Strike players were worried that their CSGO skins weren’t going to transfer over to CS2, but Valve quelled any fears when it officially announced the game...

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