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Palworld dungeons – EXPLAINED

a cave entrance to a palworld dungeon near blue water


What are dungeons in Palworld? Scattered throughout the Palpagos Islands, dungeons function as short, enclosed challenge areas to test both your skill and the effectiveness of the Pals you bring along with you. More importantly, they grant some great rewards after clearing the dungeon boss that will help you level up in order to unlock more of the technology tree and explore into areas with higher level creatures to capture and unceremoniously kill.

Have more pressing questions about the abundance of mechanics in Palworld? We’ve got a lot of answers. From where to find all important wheat seeds to how to ride Palworld mounts, you won’t have to take time away from building up your base to figure it out. To progress your adventure further, you’ll also want to check out our explainer on all Palworld bosses, which includes where to find them and how to beat them.

How to find Palworld dungeons

Palworld dungeons take the form of massive cave entrances spread throughout the world. While uncommon, it shouldn’t take you long to spot one while hunting for new Pals, gathering materials, and defeating Syndicate members. An easy dungeon location to find is in the small settlement, northwest of the Plateau of Beginnings fast travel point. It’s located just behind the merchant’s house near the water. If you’re looking for more, check out our comprehensive Palworld map, which details the spawn location of every dungeon.

Do note that dungeons work on a 300 minute timer and will disappear when that timer reaches zero; however, they will spawn again later at the same location. If you enter a dungeon with only a few minutes left, you don’t have to rush – you can take your time and finish. The timer doesn’t deplete further when you’re inside the dungeon.

Palworld dungeons have suggested levels, and the first dungeons you find will be set at around level 13; however, you can finish a dungeon at a lower level with the right Pals at your disposal.

a tanzee dungeon boss in the distance in palworld

How to clear a Palworld dungeon

Currently, Palworld dungeons only have a couple of different layouts. These take the form of a few different branching paths from a central hub area. Some of these paths lead to dead ends while others lead to treasure.

To complete a dungeon, you’ll have to find the dungeon boss – typically a bigger version of a Pal found in the surrounding region of the dungeon. As dungeons have quite a lot of Syndicate members that will attack you on sight, along with the dungeon boss, it’s best to load up on ammunition and bring your strongest Pals along with you.

dungeon reward chests near a purple teleporter in palworld

Palworld dungeon rewards

Clearing Palworld dungeons is perhaps the quickest way to level up and get rare items. Furthermore, you can capture Pals otherwise not found in the nearby overworld if you’re lucky.

Beyond where you defeat or capture the boss Pal at the end of a dungeon, you’ll find two chests flanking a teleporter out of the dungeon. These chests have a wide range of items within them, from gold, gems, and technology manuals that will award you with technology points. As a result, you should definitely delve into dungeons whenever you get the chance.

That’s all you need to know about dungeons at the moment. Palworld developer Pocket Pair will no doubt add more varied dungeons in future updates, perhaps with even better rewards. But maybe you don’t want to wait that long, you can check out the best games like Pokemon on PC or the best crafting games – both of which feature plenty of titles that’ll keep you busy while Palworld continues to grow.