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Palworld Points – How to get Palworld Technology Points

The in-game notification rewarding the player with Palworld Technology points after defeatiing a boss.


How do you get Palworld Technology points? You arrive on Palapagos Island with little more than the clothes on your back, and you have to use everything at your disposal to survive. However, basic crafting skills will only get you so far. If you’re looking to survive and thrive in Palworld, you need Technology – and to do that, you need to know how to get Technology points.

Technology points in Palworld are used to unlock new structures and item recipes which you can then build or craft at a workbench. This tech tree progression system should be familiar to most survival game fans, and many Palworld base upgrade objectives demand you to build structures for your base that grant you access to core mechanics. So, whether you want to expand your Palworld cooking or try your hand at Palworld breeding, here’s how to get Palworld Technology points and how to use them.

How to get Technology points

You can get Palworld Technology points by leveling up and unlocking fast travel points, while Ancient Technology points are gained by defeating bosses.

You can also occasionally find High Grade Technical Manuals in loot chests at the end of Palworld dungeons, which can be consumed for a Technology point.

With these methods in mind, the best way to get Palworld Technology points quickly is by exploring the Palworld map for new points of interest and challenges. Discovering new Palworld Pals is also hugely beneficial; not only do you gain experience points for capturing them, but you can also assign them Palworld jobs that they excel at to maintain your base while you’re off in the wilderness.

The Palworld Technology tree containing the various items and structures that can be unlocked with Palworld Technology points.

How to use Technology points

You can spend your Palworld Technology points by pressing ‘Esc’ to open the main menu and selecting the Technology tab. From there, you’re free to select whichever Technology you wish to unlock, provided you’ve reached that tier’s level requirements and have the Technology points required.

You begin Palworld with the first tier in the Technology tree automatically unlocked, leaving you free to craft the Primitive Workbench and a set of basic tools as soon as you’ve gathered the required materials. While this is enough to get started, you need to invest your Technology points wisely if you want to progress quickly in the open-world game.

Here’s how best to use your Palworld Technology points:

Technology Points required
Palbox 1
Pal Sphere 1
Campfire 1
Wooden Chest 1
Repair Bench 1
Wooden Structure Set 1
Straw Pal Bed 1
Shoddy Bed 1
Cloth 1
Common Shield 2
Cloth Outfit 2
Feed Box 2
Berry Plantation 2
Ranch 2
Pal Gear Workbench 2
Logging Site 2
Stone Pit 2
Crusher 2
Hot Spring 2
Primitive Furnace 2
Nail 2
High-Quality Workbench 2

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