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Palworld Injuries – How To Heal Pal

How to revive Palworld Pals: An incapacitated Lamball recovering in a Palbox.


How do you heal and revive Palworld Pals? Palworld might be the dark game in which you can kill, eat, and enslave your Pals, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be some Pals you want to take greater care of, and might need to heal if they’re injured or knocked out in battle or work.

There are different types of maladies that can affect your Palworld Pals, from a simple cold, all the way to the grave. Different injuries require different types of medicine, which can be bought, dropped by other Pals, or crafted from various Palworld items. So, if you’ve got a poorly Pal in need of medical supplies, here’s each injury type in Palworld, what you need to heal it, and how to craft certain medicines.

Palworld injuries and how to heal Pals

There are a series of different injury types in Palworld, which can be inflicted by battling, working, and other survival hurdles. Depending on how your Pal is injured requires a different medicine type, as follows:

Injury Medicine required
Cold Low-grade Medical Supplies
Depressed High-grade Medical Supplies
Fracture Medical Supplies
Sprain Low-grade Medical Supplies
Ulcer Medical Supplies
Weakened High-grade Medical Supplies
Incapacitated Send to Palbox

To give medicine to a Pal, it depends where they are. To feed medicine to a Pal in your party, simply access you inventory and use the item like you would food. However, Pals most likely to be injured are those in your base. To heal these Pals, get up close to them and click on the ‘Open Menu’ button (4 on keyboard). This gives you the option to give food or medicine to your Pal.

To regain HP, you just need to let your pal rest. It can remain in your party, but must be inactive to do so. Simply press E to return your Pal to its Pal Sphere.

Revive Incapacitated Pals

To revive a Pal who has been completely knocked out, you must head back to your nearby Palbox, place it inside, and for the 10-minute timer to count down. When the Pal has rested up for long enough, it will be ready to fight once more.

This can only be said of Pals you have already caught. If you take battling too far and knock out a wild Pal, you cannot catch or revive it.

How to obtain Palworld medical supplies

There are three types of medical supplies, as we’ve mentioned above. Depending on which injury your Pal is suffering from, you might need any one of Low-Grade Medical Supplies, High-Grade Medical Supplies, or Standard Medical Supplies. Here’s how to obtain or craft each of them.

How to heal Pals: The recipe for low-grade medical supplies in a medicine workbench in Palworld.

Low-Grade Medical Supplies

Can drop from: Flopie, Lyleen, Vaelet
Purchased for: 240 Gold
Crafted with: Five red berries and two horns

How to heal Pals: The recipe for medical supplies in a medicine workbench in Palworld.

Medical Supplies

Can drop from: N/A
Purchased for: 800 Gold
Crafted with: Three ingots, three horns, one bone

How to heal Pals: The recipe for high-grade medical supplies in a medicine workbench in Palworld.

High-Grade Medical Supplies

Can drop from: N/A
Purchased for: 3,000 Gold
Crafted with: Five ingots, five horns, two bones

How to cure Palworld eating disorder

Yes, your Pals can apparently develop an eating disorder if neglected for too long. You’ll see in the base info screen if any of your Pals have any injuries, such as broken bones, stress-related illnesses, and symptoms for other ailments.

Should your Pal develop an eating disorder, you can give them High-Grade Medical Supplies. However, the best way to deal with this situation is to avoid it entirely. Your base should ideally have a Breeding pen so that your Pals can, checks notes, let off some steam. You can also convert your Pal beds to ones of high quality and make a number of High-Quality Hot Springs so they can relax after a hard day’s work. Finally, keeping the food coffers full will help keep them full.

So, whether you’re feeding medicine to your Pal or chucking them in the Palbox for a few minutes, they should be right as rain in no time. Knowing the Palworld type chart might help keep your Pals healthy for longer, as does keeping them well-fed. Meanwhile, you can build a team of the strongest Pals via Palworld breeding, making parents of your very best monsters.