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Palworld Mounts – How To Ride

The Pal Tamer stands at a workbench crafting a Nitewing Saddle to unlock Palworld mounts.


How do you ride Palworld mounts? Palpagos Island is fairly expansive, and setting off into the wilds on foot can be a daunting prospect. Sure, fast travel points certainly help to speed exploration along, but they’re not much use when you come up against vast mountains or gangs of high-level poachers and Pals. That’s where Palworld mounts come in.

A Palworld mount is your best bet for navigating Palpagos Island, allowing you to dash past free-roaming Palworld bosses and soar over mountains in Palworld with ease. They can also help you reach rare Palworld resources such as Lifmunk Effigies, so you can level up fast in the open-world game. If all that sounds like a dream, here’s how to unlock a Palworld mount.

How to ride mounts in Palworld

To unlock Palworld mounts, you must unlock the ridable Pal’s saddle from the Technology tree and craft it at a Pal Gear Workbench. Acquire the saddle from the workbench to unlock the corresponding Pal’s ‘Ride’ Pal Power.

Palworld Pals come in all shapes and sizes, so it should be no surprise that only a select few can be ridden. You must also have caught the relevant Pal before its saddle becomes available to unlock from the Palworld Technology tree. Like all craftable items in the survival game, different saddles require different Palworld resources before you can begin to create them.

The Pal Tamer takes to the skies on the back of a Nitewing after crafting its saddle to turn it into a Palworld mount.

All Palword mounts

Here’s every Palworld mount and how to unlock them:

Pal Mount Type Technology
Ground Rushoar Saddle (Tier 6)
Melpaca  Ground Melpaca Saddle (Tier 7)
Celaray Swim Celeray’s Gloves (Tier 7)
Direhowl Ground Direhowl’s Saddled Harness (Tier 9)
Surfent  Swim Surfent Saddle (Tier 10)
Eikthyrdeer  Ground Eikthyrdeer Saddle (Tier 12)
Grintale Ground Grintale Saddle (Tier 13)
Chillet  Swim Chillet Saddle (Tier 13)
Sweepa  Ground Sweepa Saddle (Tier 14)
Univolt  Ground Univolt Saddle (Tier 14)
Nitewing Flying Nitewing Saddle (Tier 15)
Arsox  Ground Arsox Saddle (Tier 16)
Broncherry  Ground Broncherry Saddle (Tier 20)
Vanwyrm  Flying Vanwyrm Saddle (Tier 21)
Elphidran  Flying Elphidran Saddle (Tier 21)
Kingpaca  Ground Kingpaca Saddle (Tier 22)
Maraith  Flying Maraith Saddle (Tier 23)
Aquadon Terra Swim Aquadon Terra Saddle (Tier 24)
Azurobe  Swim Azurobe Saddle (Tier 24)
Eikthyrdeer Terra Ground Eikthyrdeer Terra Saddle (Tier 25)
Fenglope  Ground Fenglope Saddle (Tier 26)
Rayhound Ground Rayhound Saddle (Tier 26)
Water Broncherry Ground Water Broncherry Saddle (27)
Mammorest  Ground Mammorest Saddle (Tier 28)
Dinossum Lux  Ground Dinossum Lux Saddle (Tier 29)
Reindrix Ground Reindrix Saddle (Tier 29)
Pyrin  Flying Pyrin Saddle (Tier 30)
Reptyro  Ground Reptyro Saddle (Tier 31)
Blazehowl  Ground Blazehowl Saddle (Tier 32)
Helzephyr  Flying Helzephyr Saddle (Tier 33)
Dark Pyrin  Flying Dark Pyrin Saddle (Tier 33)
Beakon  Flying Beakon Saddle (Tier 34)
Dark Kingferno Swim Dark Kingferno Saddle (Tier 35)
Quivern  Flying Quivern Saddle (Tier 36)
Ragnahawk  Flying Ragnahawk Saddle (Tier 37)
Ice Reptyro Ground Ice Reptyro Saddle (Tier 37)
Blazamut  Ground Blazamut Saddle (Tier 38)
Jormuntide  Swim Jormuntide Saddle (Tier 39)
Suzaku Flying Suzaku Saddle (Tier 40)
Vanwyrm Cryst Flying Vanwyrm Cryst Saddle (Tier 41)
Ice Kingpaca Ground Ice Kingpaca Saddle (Tier 42)
Water Suzaku  Flying Water Suzaku Saddle (Tier 43)
Jormuntide Ignis Swim Jormuntide Ignis Saddle (Tier 43)
Wumpo  Ground Wumpo Saddle (Tier 44)
Wumpo Botan Ground Wumpo Botan Saddle (Tier 45)
Mammorest Cryst Ground Mammorest Cryst Saddle (Tier 45)
Astegon  Flying Astegon Saddle (Tier 47)
Shadowbeak  Flying Shadowbeak Saddle (Tier 47)
Frostallion Ground Frostallion Saddle (Tier 48)

Now that you know all the Palworld mounts and how to ride them, be sure to keep our Palworld map on hand as you set off into the great unknown. We also recommend brushing up on Palworld breeding and Palworld evolution if you’d prefer to stand out from the crowd with Palworld variations. Finally, take a look at our Palworld review for our own thoughts on Pocketpair’s Poké-like.