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All Alan Wake 2 weapons and best upgrades

All Alan Wake 2 weapons and best upgrades


What are the Alan Wake 2 weapons? You’re going to be up against lots of enemies while trying to find out just what exactly is going on in Bright Falls. Therefore, it pays to collect and improve Saga’s guns using the best Alan Wake 2 weapon upgrades whenever you can as you’re going to need all the help you can get.

Unlike the Alan Wake 2 Words of Power upgrades, you need to collect enough shredded manuscript pieces to buy weapon upgrades. These are found in lunchboxes scattered throughout the environment, but you usually need to find two or three lunchboxes to afford a single upgrade. Lunchboxes are far less common and considerably harder to find, so you need to keep your eyes peeled in Alan Wake 2. Keep in mind that you’re able to take these weapon upgrades with you in the upcoming Alan Wake 2 new game plus mode.

All Alan Wake 2 weapons

Here are all the Alan Wake 2 guns for Saga and Alan:


  • Pistol
  • Sawed-off shotgun
  • Hunting rifle
  • Pump-action shotgun


  • Revolver
  • Flaregun
  • Double-barrel shotgun

Best Alan Wake 2 weapon upgrades

The best weapon upgrades in Alan Wake 2 are:

  • More Bullets
  • Again and Again
  • Another Headshot
  • Fluid Motion
  • Two Shots
  • Way Home

Saga doesn’t have the same kind of boosts as Alan does, so she relies heavily on weapon upgrades to improve her survivability. Since these upgrades apply to just one weapon, we found that it’s better to carry one or two upgraded weapons rather than our entire arsenal. We’ve focused on primarily upgrading the pistol as you receive the most ammo for this gun throughout the campaign.

More Bullets

Saga’s pistol has a 12-bullet magazine by default which is double the capacity of Alan’s revolver, however, her bullets are also weaker. Unlocking More Bullets upgrades Saga’s magazine capacity to hold 18 bullets, making it easy to take down enemies as you won’t need to reload as often. The Taken can often eat most of a normal clip, so when you’re fighting multiples, you can find yourself in a real spot of bother where you’re struggling to reload while dodging attacks.

Again and Again

The Again and Again upgrade turns Saga’s pistol into an automatic weapon, significantly speeding up the time it takes to kill enemies. This upgrade makes it easy to burn through bullets, so you need to think carefully about your approach to combat. If you have poor aim, this upgrade might be detrimental to your play style as it’s easy to miss with this weapon when you increase its fire rate.

Another Headshot

Another Headshot automatically stuns an enemy if you land two headshots in quick succession. Combine this upgrade with Again and Again to create a devastating combo with your pistol, capable of shredding through waves of enemies with well-placed shots.

Fluid Motion

Since the sawed-off Alan Wake 2 shotgun can only fire twice before needing to reload, unlocking Fluid Motion significantly reduces the amount of time needed to reload. The shotgun doesn’t have the worst reload speed, however, as you’re mainly fighting up close with it, you should be able to land an additional shot or two in awkward situations.

Two Shots

Much like the More Bullets upgrade, Two Shots increases the size of the magazine by 50%, but for the Alan Wake 2 crossbow this time. The crossbow is one of Saga’s most powerful weapons thanks to both its strength and retrievable ammo, allowing you to conserve your bolts with well-placed shots. Two Shots is useful because you can afford to miss a few shots without needing to worry about taking excessive amounts of damage.

Way Home

The Alan Wake 2 rifle for Saga is a great weapon without needing any upgrades. It has plenty of bullets in each magazine, you can easily kill enemies from a distance, and it’s powerful to boot. Way Home lets you damage enemies through their darkness shield. When combined with the rifle, you can blast practically any enemy away without needing to hold your flashlight to make them vulnerable first.

That’s all for our picks for the best Alan Wake 2 weapon upgrades. Having the right ones combined with the right charms will be sure to give her a better fighting chance as she tackles Taken. Take a look at our Alan Wake 2 review to see why we added this horror game to our list of the best PC games this year.