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All Assassin’s Creed Mirage Lost Books locations

Basim is consulting a cartographer who is showing off his wares.


Where are all the AC Mirage Lost Books? During your investigation into the Order, you’ll see a lead for Al-Jahiz in the House of Wisdom. He is looking for some books to fill the contents of his library and is willing to repay you in Scholar Favor tokens for your trouble. These Lost Books are just one of many collectibles you can find but require a bit of puzzle-solving to grab.

There are seven Assassin’s Creed Mirage Lost Books scattered throughout Baghdad and the surrounding areas (six main ones and one hidden tome), and while you could use your trusty eagle to scout out the location, this comes with its own risks. After all, this is a stealth game where the guards are trigger-happy with their arrows on the poor bird. For each one you collect, you’ll get a skill point to spend. You can read our Assassin’s Creed Mirage review here to see what we thought of the latest in the series, but for now, though, let’s focus on snagging all the Lost Books in Assassin’s Creed Mirage to return to the House of Wisdom.

AC Mirage Lost Books locations

You can find five of the six AC Mirage Lost Books early in the game. All you need to do is progress through the story until you complete your initiation ceremony and regain control while riding the camel in the mission Baghdad Bound. From there, you have the freedom of the city to find the majority of these tomes. Cartographers will sell you their locations if you have the required tokens, but it’s far easier and cheaper to just read the following AC Mirage Lost Books locations below:

The orange pin on the map indicates where the first one of the six AC Mirage Lost Books is located in Baghdad.

Lost Book #1: Great Mosque – Haribyah

From the Great Mosque viewpoint, head southwest around the main building and into the nearby neighborhood. There’s a building with an orange tarp shelter on the rooftop. From this orange tarp, descend over the southern side of the building. One of the windows is open, so head through it to get inside. Head down the stairs, and just before the door, you’ll be able to see into the next room. Throw a knife at the red jar to make it explode, disengaging the front door’s lock. Head outside, jump to the ground and enter the now-unlocked door to claim the Kalila wa-Dimna Lost Book.

An orange pin showing the location of one of the six AC Mirage Lost Books near the Nestorian Monastery.

Lost Book #2: Nestorian Monastery – Haribyah

From the Nestorian Monastery viewpoint, head downward to navigate your way to the secret passage to your southwest. In the basement, turn left at the bottom of the stairs, then head down the corridor. There are four passages to the right from here, so head down the second one and pull the shelf toward you as far as you can. Head out and enter the next corridor to bring that shelf out. Return to the second corridor and pull the shelf out as far as possible. You should then have a clear path in the first corridor to a hole in the wall. Slide through, pass through the tarp covering the doorway, and find the Al-Tabari: Tafsir of al-Tabari Lost Book.

The third AC Mirage Lost Books orange pin showing off its location.

Lost Book #3: Observatory – Abbasiyah

From the Observatory viewpoint, head northwest along the river until you reach the last building on your side of the river before the city walls. The front doorway is boarded up, so use a melee attack to break it down. Inside, turn the corner and pull the bookcase on your right toward you, then to your right. This will free the way so you can head upstairs and collect the Al-Kwarizmi Al-Jabr Lost Book. To escape, you can pull off the bar from the window nearby.

One of the six AC Mirage Lost Books shown on the map as an orange pin.

Lost Book #4: Wilderness – Tuesday Market

From the Monastery of the Virgins viewpoint in Karkh, head southeast outside of the city walls via the Pomegranate Gate and head to the east to enter the Tuesday Market. This is a heavily guarded area, so climb the wall to the left as you approach it, just past the cart full of hay, pass the underpass, and climb toward the open window. You’ll need to kill the guard inside, which might alert the rest of them. After fighting off the local militia, pick up the Suleiman al-Tajir: Accounts of China and India Lost Book on the table.

One of the six AC Mirage Lost Books shown on the map as an orange pin.

Lost Book #5: Harbor Camp – Karkh

From the Al-Mi’dhana Al-’Ateeqa viewpoint, head northeast until you get to the harbor camp gate. Instead of trying to pass the guards to the right, go left, as the book is in the building to the left. On the front of the building, you will see two wooden platforms. Climb to the top of the first one, and you can see through the wooden beams that block the window. Throw a dagger at the bar blocking the window on the other side, then climb around it and head inside. You’ll find The Banu Musa: Book of Ingenious Devices Lost Book on the table near the window you threw the knife through.

One of the six AC Mirage Lost Books shown on the map as an orange pin.

Lost Book #6: Palace of the Green Dome – Round City

The sixth AC Mirage Lost Books is inside the northeast quarter of the Palace of the Green Dome in the Round City region. While it’s possible to breach the walls at this stage and even climb to the top of the palace for the viewpoint, it’s impossible to get inside the palace building until later in the game, specifically after the mission “The Serpent’s Nest”.

To get inside the palace, head to the southeastern wall, and on the balcony, you’ll see an open door. Enter the room to find many potted plants and vibrant decorations. You’ll see the Al-Sikkit: Diwan Abu Nu’as Lost Book on the desk.

The secret AC Mirage Lost Book is in the Wilderness, as shown by the orange pin, in the middle of some ruins in a swamp.

Lost Book #7: Kitab Al-Zahif

To the southeastern point of the entire map, there’s a swamp-like area, with one of the historical sites – the Seleucia-on-the-Tigris – found in the middle of it. However, upon closer examination, there is a collapsable floor and some flaming red pots. Pick up one of these explosive pots, jump across the ruins until you reach the other side, and throw it at the rubble to open the grave below. Here, you’ll find the final book, and by returning it to Al-Jahiz, he will give you the Monstrous Talisman.

Those are all the AC Mirage Lost Books locations, but don’t think you’re done with your treasure hunt. There are many AC Mirage Enigmas to find, along with their corresponding treasures that can include dyes for AC Mirage outfits. You can find these hidden in many different areas across the map, so make sure that you keep a close eye out for anything suspicious.