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Best The Finals build – best Light, Medium, and Heavy loadouts

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What is the best The Finals build? Embark Studio’s competitive FPS marries Rainbow Six-style teamwork with Team Fortress 2 mayhem. You and your squad must destroy, zip, and shoot your way through each map to bank as much cash as you can and be crowned the victor. That’s the goal, mind; there is a lot of work to be put in before you’ll be close to victory.

The Finals has many options for players to mull over before they step foot in the arena. Choosing the right The Finals class and The Finals weapon to suit how you play is vital if you want to achieve success. Team composition is also important, as you usually want to find a balance between support, damage, and sheer destruction. Here are the best The Finals builds.

The Finals best builds

The Finals has deep character customization that allows you to tailor your weapon and abilities to fit your play style. Want to be a one-person wrecking crew? No problem, just equip the sledgehammer and bash through every wall you see. Prefer a slightly stealthier approach? The light class with a cloaking ability should be right up your street.

Here are the best The Finals builds:

The Finals loadouts: a person wearing a panda mask ascends a zipline,

Agile Assassin build

  • Specialization: Grappling Hook
  • Weapon: V9S
  • Gadgets: Frag Grenade, Pyro Grenade, Breach Charge

The light class doesn’t have the biggest health pool to play around with, but what it does have is mobility. Utilize that to the max with this Grappling Hook build; you’ll be able to reach places your enemies can’t, and if you utilize your Breach Charges effectively, you can access the objective from angles they won’t anticipate.

You can poke your enemies from your position with the Frag and Pyro Grenades, and should they make the mistake of pushing you, the V9S has more than enough power to take down all comers.

The Finals loadouts: a hectic gunfight in a narrow street.

Guardian Angel build

  • Specialization: Healing Beam
  • Weapon: AKM
  • Gadgets: Sonar Grenade, Jump Pad, Defibrillator

The medium class can seem, initially at least, like a jack of all trades, but what it does excel in is supporting your teammates. This may not be the most glamorous role, but any winning squad will need someone watching their back at all times. The Healing Beam keeps your offensive teammates alive in hectic firefights, and should they happen to fall, you can quickly resurrect them using the Defibrillator, or pick up their statue and Jump Pad to safety.

Offensively, you’re still no slouch, though. The AKM is an excellent mid-range weapon, capable of eliminating enemies with scary efficiency. Your sonar grenade can be used defensively or offensively — knowing where your enemies are is the first step in winning any fight.

The Finals loadouts: a church crumbles in the aftermatch of a huge gunfight.

Wrecking Ball build

  • Specialization: Charge ‘N’ Slam
  • Weapon: Sledgehammer
  • Gadgets: Frag Grenade, RPG-7, Dome Shield

The heavy class does one thing exceptionally well: destruction. With the Wrecking Ball loadout, your heavy character will be in a one-person zone of absolute chaos. The defacto tank of the squad, you’ll draw a lot of fire, but with the Guardian Angel behind you, and as long as your Dome Shield is up, you’ll be relatively safe.

Doors are a secondary consideration when using this loadout. Charge ‘N’ Slam your way through walls, RPG-7 the objective from range, and utilize Frag Grenades to cause as much havoc as possible. Get up close and personal with your Sledgehammer and keep your enemies off-kilter.

Those are our best The Finals loadouts — combine them to form a well-rounded, deadly squad that will come out on top in any situation. For those yet to try the chaotic FPS game, check out if The Finals is on Game Pass, and the best The Finals settings so you can get the best performance possible.