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CS2 smokes – how to use new responsive Counter-Strike 2 smoke grenades

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Want to know about CS2 smokes? From a visual standpoint, Counter-Strike 2 mostly looks the same as its predecessor, with only minor changes such as cleaner and brighter maps. While this familiarity is a positive for players who can quickly adapt to the game without learning new mechanics, one notable feature may prove to be a pest in Counter-Strike 2.

In Counter-Strike 2, smokes have been revamped from top to bottom – they are no longer a blob of smoke rotating randomly in a single spot. Instead, smoke grenades are now 3D models that can interact with bullets, objects, and even light. There are a lot of Counter-Strike 2 changes you need to be aware of before the free PC game launches later this year. Here’s everything you need to know about responsive smokes in Counter-Strike 2.

How smoke grenades work in Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 smokes are entirely different from what players are used to. The unchanged gunplay and mechanics in Counter-Strike 2 led many to believe the game’s meta would stay the same. However, Valve has introduced a game-defining mechanic to Counter-Strike 2, forcing players to adjust their playstyles and strategies.

Here’s everything you need to know about the CS2 smoke grenades:

  • Smokes can be carved using equipment and gunfire.
  • CT and T-side smokes are represented with different colors.
  • Smokes respond to light and environment.
  • Players cannot perform one-way smokes anymore.
  • Smoke lineups will need to be adjusted on a per-map basis.

Interactive smokes in Counter-Strike 2

Shooting at a smoke cloud in Counter-Strike 2 causes the object to change, with repeated shots eventually creating an aperture in the smoke that briefly exposes any enemies hidden within. You can take this further by using an HE grenade to swallow the smoke whole for a few seconds.

Previously, when CTs dropped a smoke, Ts would have to respect it and rotate towards the other side and vice versa. T-side’s utility executes would push the CTs back, cleaning out the bomb area. This feature will bolster gunplay, encouraging players to be more aggressive.

Besides incendiary, no other utility in Counter-Strike 2 slows down the game’s pace. Conversely, smoke grenades should increase the opportunity for more duels. The grenades have become tactical, no longer a tool to retain the enemy’s movement. You are not safe even if you are standing on the opposite side of the smoke. This Twitter clip from ex-pro player Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert is an excellent example of how you can manipulate smoke grenades in CS2.

Enemies may use smoke grenades to create new angles and opportunities. High-level players value the quality of gameplay, but low levels may also have to deal with the nightmare that is the Negev meta. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Negev is a light machine gun that comes equipped with 100 bullets in a single clip. A good spray down of about 100 bullets inside a smoke could spell death for as many as five enemies.

Counter-Strike 2 smoke colors

The colored smoke grenade change has been well-received by players as it allows for greater tactical awareness. Previously, all smoke grenades looked the same which could cause some confusion in high-stake games. Now players can easily differentiate between friendly and enemy utility. Valve didn’t mention this change on their official blog despite the large impact it has during competitive matches.

On CT-side, smokes have a blue tint to them, whereas T-side smokes appear more like a dust storm. In addition to their new CT and T-side colors, smokes in Counter-Strike 2 also react to the game’s lighting and environment, resulting in more realistic and dynamic visuals. This improved feature will be handy in chaotic 5v5 situations where the utility is showering from all directions.

Reddit user, Night_Not_Day, discovered that smokes turn gray as time goes on to indicate when they’re going to dissipate. This is also a feature in CS:GO, though the effect is not as pronounced as it is in CS2.

Counter-Strike 2 removes one-ways

One-way smokes were always controversial due to how powerful they can be in the right situation, but it looks like Counter-Strike 2 has removed this feature. This results in a lesser one-way smoke that can technically be used by clever players in the right circumstances. For example, check out this smoke by G2 Esports’ Ilya ‘m0NESY’ Osipov. While this smoke isn’t exactly one-way, the smoke’s positioning helps him gain an edge over the enemy.

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Sub-tick system means new smoke lineups

Due to the new sub-tick system, all 64 tick-rate lineups are now useless in Counter-Strike 2 – some 128 tick-rate lineups may work, but most must be recreated. In FPS games, even a tiny pixel matters. Valve has taken Counter-Strike from 64 tick to no ticks, which means where you place your crosshair while launching a smoke has changed. For this reason, players will have to learn most lineups across all maps in Counter-Strike 2 all over again.

Counter-Strike 2 allows global smokes

Another exciting feature in Counter-Strike 2 is global smokes. Previously, there was a limit to how far you could throw a smoke grenade – there would come the point where the projectile would ricochet off the invisible skybox. Valve has removed skyboxes, meaning players can toss their grenades anywhere on the map.

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In Counter-Strike 2, you can launch a smoke grenade from B-site to the A-site of Dust 2. This is going to break a lot of established smoke grenade setups in CSGO, but it’s going to completely change the way fake outs work during clutch moments. In Kodiak’s CS2 video about smokes on Dust 2, you can see how the removal of the skybox has created a new set of smokes that weren’t possible before.

That’s all there is to know about CS2 responsive smokes. If you haven’t already caught up on what’s coming to Valve’s multiplayer game, here’s a comprehensive guide featuring everything about the Counter-Strike 2 release date, the latest Counter-Strike 2 beta wave, and you can check out all of the confirmed Counter-Strike 2 maps here.