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Deathloop safe codes – Colt’s safe and Updaam safe

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Looking for the safe code to Colt’s apartment safe and the Updaam safe in Deathloop? Many doors require codes throughout the game, and there are also delivery booths in Deathloop, which need codes of their own to import different items. However, these two safes – one in Colt’s apartment and one in Updaam – are particularly tricky to open.

Although you’ll find Colt’s apartment safe code in the main story, the Updaam safe requires a few more steps, including finding numbers and solving a triangle puzzle and opening it gives you 5,000 Residuum to play with. It’s worth noting that no two codes are the same on each playthrough.

Here’s how to obtain these two safe codes in Deathloop. Although you’ll find Colt’s safe reasonably early on in the game, only read on to find out how to solve the Updaam cave safe puzzle and code if you’ve unlocked the Updaam area. We recommend attempting this puzzle either in the morning or afternoon, so you won’t have Julianna trying to take you out.

Deathloop Colt’s apartment safe

You can find the code to Colt’s safe by progressing through the main campaign; once you’ve completed your first loop the combination can be found in the AEON Security Office on Fristad Rock on a note called Paint-Smudged Missive. You don’t need to worry about missing this code, as the main story leads you right to it.

Deathloop Updaam Cave safe

The Updaam safe is located below Alexis’ mansion in an underground cave, just off Dorsey Square. You need to find all six numbers before you can attempt to solve the triangle puzzle, here is where all six numbers for the Updaam safe are:

  • Library – on a wall to the left of the entrance
  • Alleyway – in an alley opposite the library entrance, dropdown next to a large spotlight
  • Otto’s Workshop – on the wall by a locked door to the left of the workshop
  • Colt’s apartment – outside Alexis’ mansion (morning), outside the apartment complex (afternoon)
  • Moxie – bottom right of the stone archway beneath the mural ‘TIME IS YOUR PLAYTHING’
  • Charlie’s mansion – on the front of the building where you’ll see ‘Condition Detachment’ (noon)

Updaam Safe triangle puzzle

Now you have all six of the Updaam safe numbers, you need to match them to the corresponding three triangles etched into the wall to the right of the map by the safe. We recommend jotting down the numbers in each of the areas as you find them to make this part easier.

The lines on each corner of the triangle represent the order of the numbers that need to be punched into the safe. No dashes is the first, one dash is the second, and two dashes is the third. The triangle shapes appear in the order that they should be entered into the safe lock.

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