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Hooked on You gameplay review: a DBD dating sim as crazy as it sounds

Hooked on You DBD Dating Sim Huntress


During the six years since its release, Dead by Daylight has garnered a, let’s say, passionate fanbase (said with no disrespect, as I myself am one of them). Such a large portion of that fanbase has been clamouring for a DBD dating sim that Behaviour went ahead and made one – with none other than Psyop, creators of I Love You, Colonel Sanders. Yes, a KFC dating sim just bonkers enough to make Psyop the perfect team to turn DBD’s Trapper into a lovable lothario. We got our hands on Hooked on You: A DBD Dating Sim, and we are definitely ready for our second date.

So you want to date a savage killer?

Starting off with four DBD killers in the dating roster, you’ll progress through the visual novel by choosing between The Trapper, The Wraith, The Huntress, and The Spirit for various dates. You quickly pick up on their unique personalities, what makes them tick, and even some of their actual DBD backstories. The Trapper, for example, is loud with an arrogant, boyish charm that somehow makes you look past his blood-stained hands. Meanwhile, The Huntress is surprisingly bubbly, sweet, and even forgiving, regardless of whether you choose or reject her.

As you date these four stunning executioners, you’ll take part in some cute-but-challenging minigames. You’d better hope your PC is speedy enough as these games require accuracy, stopping a spinning display over the face of your new love interest (or the human meat you’re trying to slice). Think DBD’s skill checks, only faster. I’m blaming my PC’s capabilities for my repeated failings… and I’m sticking to it. Even if you miss, though, you’ll generally find your date is so taken by you that they’ll let you off, even when you serve up poorly-carved meat.

Of course, the other aspect of dating this foursome, as with any real-life dating process, is answering some tough questions about yourself. Every decision you make determines how your game plays out, with a number of different endings available (including a particularly ‘attractive’ surprise we’ll let you see for yourself). How realistically you answer is somewhat determined by the minimal choice you’re given, usually just a multiple choice of three (I mean, someone had to code these outcomes, after all). However, I found myself being guided towards the more outlandish answers that you just can’t help but click. Favourite ice cream flavour? With chocolate and vanilla as the other options, obviously horseflesh. Right?

Hooked on You DBD Dating Sim: The Ocean

A disembodied Narrator and a sentient ocean

Despite having washed up on a desert island with four killers, you feel anything but alone on Murderer’s Island. In fact, you can’t find peace and quiet even when you try. Alongside unexpected cameos and Dwight and Claudette’s hosting, you’re constantly accompanied by The Narrator and The Ocean. The Narrator is a voice inside your head, and their true form is quite the mystery. While they might be inside your head, it turns out others can hear them too, and they play the character of the [enter generic reality dating show here] voice over. But with a better script.

Meanwhile, The Ocean occasionally pops up to talk to you, too. The bad cop to The Narrator’s good cop. The Victor to The Narrator’s Charlotte. This iconic duo helps you through your time on Murderer’s island – take the word “help” with a pinch of salt, here – advising you of your wider purpose and when you slip up. The two of them provide most of the jokes and the banter, while The Ocean’s eerie visuals remind you there’s still something dark going on every time you start enjoying this island getaway.

Which killer ending is for you?

Of course you’ll go into the game with an intention of who you want to date – for me, it was The Huntress and The Wraith. However, I found love with Spirit in my first playthrough, because, hey, the path to love isn’t always a smooth one. And, wow, were there some shocking twists along the way. You’ll find, as you get to know these poor damned souls better, that this story isn’t just about you, romance and a stunning beach. You’ll find out more about these well-known characters, and even some unexpected revelations about their own relationships with each other. Of course, this changes all your preconceptions, and you might find yourself falling for someone unexpected. The Wraith describes himself as containing multitudes, but really, for such a light and fun game, we think this better describes Hooked on You itself.

All in all, Hooked on You is enjoyable, light-hearted fun, which makes a change from the tense, heart-racing doom and gloom of Dead by Daylight (and gets your heart racing in a different way). I really do only have good things to say about it… but I won’t say if that’s just because of the in-game contract I was forced to agree to.

Hooked on You review non-disparagement agreementHooked on You Non-disparagement agreement: Claudette and Dwight

With hilarious jokes and Easter Eggs (what was that about “herbs and spices”?), as well as those numerous endings and possibilities, you’ll no doubt want to play Hooked on You over and over to try your hand dating each of the currently available killers. Without saying too much, completing eight endings unlocks one final, secret ending that those begging for this game will no doubt want to explore.

If you’re hooked on the game already and can’t wait to meet your match on Murderer’s Island, you can download Hooked on You on Steam right now, thanks to the DBD dating sim’s shock release during the first-ever Behaviour Beyond.