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How to get diamonds fast in Pet Simulator 99

The social rewards spot used to get free diamonds in Pet Simulator 99.


Want to know how to get diamonds fast in Pet Simulator 99? Farming diamonds in PS99 is something you’ll want to do at any stage of the game. The method will change dramatically as you progress through the game, but knowing how it works early on can have you speeding through the first few dozen zones, grabbing every bonus without spending a buck. And most of these methods only take a couple of minutes.

If you’re just getting started in the latest BIG Games Roblox experience, you’ll want to check out Pet Simulator 99 codes and how the Pet Simulator 99 pet transfer system works to get you firing on all cylinders. But if you’re looking to play something else, Blade Ball codes or Blox Fruits codes might be more up your alley. This one can be a little clicky.

How to get Diamonds fast in Pet Simulator 99

Here’s how to get diamonds fast in Pet Simulator 99 so that you can afford all the fancy buffs and boons Preston and his team sneakily place outside each new zone:

Follow the BIG Games Twitter

Just following the BIG Games Twitter account is enough to get you all the Diamonds you need to afford some of the best Pet Simulator 99 gamepasses out there. Follow the account, head to the socials verification spot in the main plaza, type your Twitter handle into the box, and you’ll get stacks of Diamonds.

You can claim these rewards every 5-6 hours.

Open Gift Bags

By following Rank objectives and earning stars, you’ll often be able to claim Gift Bags. In fact, there’s a chance you have a bunch of these in your inventory already. They don’t open automatically, and they give hundreds of diamonds at once. Crack them open for a nice boost of the shiny stuff.

A spot in Pet Simulator 99 that offers free diamonds every 30 minutes.

Visit the Free Diamonds spot regularly

Once you unlock Area 3, you’ll have a steady supply of Diamonds just waiting to be tapped. To the right of the next zone door you’ll see a spot you can stand in to claim heaps of free diamonds.

This isn’t just a one-off reward. You can visit this spot every 30 minutes for another few hundred diamonds. Set a timer to maximize your gains as you play.

Get group rewards

Just as you can get diamonds by following the game’s Twitter profile, you can get more by supporting the BIG Games team through the various Roblox groups they’ve set up. Here’s what to do:

You’ll need to follow these steps on the account you want to use in-game. You can claim the rewards every 24 hours.

The free gift icon in Pet Simulator 99.

Claim your free gifts

Once you’ve reached a high enough rank, you’ll finally unlock the timed daily bonuses from Pet Simulator X. They work the same way. So long as you stay logged in for a few hours a day, you’ll be able to claim 12 presents of increasingly larger size.

Not only are they great for skipping through areas, but you’ll get some good amount of diamonds from the later ones.

By following all the steps above, you’ll have no problem amassing all the diamonds you need to unlock the various benefits, boosts, and unlocks dotted around the first two dozen PS99 areas.

You can increase things further by looking out for Diamond Flags in areas, or by using Diamond potions and Enchants.

What to use Diamonds on in Pet Simulator 99

You’ll want to use your diamonds in Pet Simulator 99 on helpful bonuses like pet slots via the Pets Equipped machine, egg hatch multipliers via the Egg Machine, and any fixed multipliers or magnet boosts.

What you should avoid is walking speed boosts. As you can unlock the hoverboard very quickly through the rank rewards system, you won’t ever really use your feet beyond the first half-dozen areas.

After that, you can save your gems for trading or spend them at the Traveling Merchant or Stock Merchant. You’ll also start to earn more through trading.

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