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How to get lumber and stone in Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb lumber room Anura


Need to get more lumber and stone in Cult of the Lamb? The adorable cult simulation game (yes, you read that right) is part roguelike, part management sim – and it’s the last one we’re focusing on here. If you want your followers to thrive and prevent them from revolting against you, upgrades to your cult base are required. Building improved sleeping quarters, toilets, farms, and other such quality-of-life improvements requires materials such as lumber and stone, though… and quite a lot of them.

It’s not difficult to harvest these materials in Cult of the Lamb, but you do run out quickly, so you need to know where to pick some up in a pinch. Here, we’ll take you through the various methods and locations for the two building materials in Cult of the Lamb, lumber and stone.

How to get lumber in Cult of the Lamb

Lumber is just a fancier word for wood but, being wood, is one of the most valuable resources in Cult of the Lamb. Required in all your important cult buildings, including your temple, farms, and – importantly – prisons, you’ll need a lot of it. The further you progress through the game, the more you need and the less you’ll have at your disposal. In the early game though, there’s enough to be found at your cult grounds to get you started.

Cult of the Lamb lumber

At your cult base

When Ratau hands over his old crumbling ruin on which you build your cult, you’ll notice a few trees and logs scattered around. As soon as you indoctrinate your first Cult of the Lamb follower, you’ll be able to put them to work chopping them down and collecting wood. However, once these first few trees are gone, you’ll have to wait days for more roots to start popping up. They do eventually though, providing you with some additional emergency lumber in your base.

Either you or your followers can dig up tree branches and, while you work faster than they do, there are ways of increasing follower work speed, such as gifting them necklaces or building propaganda speakers.

Cult of the Lamb lumberyard

At a lumberyard

The lumberyard can be unlocked in the second tier of your shrine unlocks using Divine Inspiration. Once unlocked, you can build as many lumberyards as you wish – provided you have enough lumber, ironically. Put a follower to work in each of them and they will slowly generate extra lumber. It won’t automatically find its way into your inventory though, so you’ll need to pick it up from a chest outside the lumberyard itself. While it is quite slow, you can increase output with the usual methods of increasing work rate, or with an upgrade on the final Divine Inspiration tier.

The lumberyard is a great building to get early on, because if you run out of lumber you’ll want one, and you’ll find yourself in a catch-22 situation while you patiently wait for saplings to grow.

Out on crusade

The best way of getting substantial amounts of lumber is out on crusade. Part of the random generation aspect of Cult of the Lamb means that you’ll be given different paths to follow on each adventure, with different dungeons and rooms along each of them. When you need to choose between a selection of paths, you’ll have to make the difficult decision of which perk room you’d like from options such as materials, followers, health, and more – but you can’t have them all. For example, if you’re really desperate for lumber, you might find you have to pass on a room offering a full health regen.

Cult of the Lamb stone room

How to get stone in Cult of the Lamb

Stone is also a useful material when building your woolly cult. Though you won’t find it in as many crucial blueprints as lumber, it’s still required for farming, sleeping quarters, decorative monuments, and more.

At your cult base

Just like trees, stone ore generates on your cult grounds when you first arrive. This can be harvested by yourself or a follower to turn it into stone. Once this has all gone from your base, unlike trees, it will not regrow, funnily enough. That’s when a stone mine comes in handy.

At a stone mine

In the same way that you can select and build a lumberyard, you can also build a stone mine on your base, which will require one level of Divine Inspiration to unlock. Once built, put a follower to work in there, slowly mining extra stone as you go about your important cult-leader business. You can also build multiple stone mines, as each only holds one follower, and you can choose to increase the output on the final tier of shrine upgrades.

Out on crusade

When you’re out on crusade, kicking butt and taking names, you may also get the option to choose a path with a stone room. While this does provide you with a significant amount of stone to take back to base, we wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re desperate, because you can gather plenty of stone in other rooms. As stone doesn’t regenerate back at your cult ruins, it can instead be taken from your surroundings in most dungeons. Once you’ve taken down your enemies or selected your loot, swing your weapon of choice around at nearby rocks and totems. You’ll find that clearing the area may also reward you with extra bones, seeds, grass, and even meat.

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Now you know how to make the most of your surroundings and fill your pockets with stone and lumber, starting your Cult of the Lamb experience should be a breeze. If you are just setting off on your cult-leading adventure, there are more tips in our huge Cult of the Lamb beginner’s guide, and you’ll want to know all about Doctrines as soon as your temple is up and running.