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The best fantasy games on PC 2024

Best browser games: Hero Wars. Image shows a battle in progress between several large headed fantasy characters.


What are the best fantasy games? There’s nothing quite like escaping into another world, immersing yourself in its history and people, and getting to grips with your new virtual life. Fantasy games are especially good at offering these sorts of experiences, but the genre is so packed with great adventures that it can be hard to pinpoint where exactly to place your attention.

We’ve put together this list of the best fantasy games on PC so you’ll know where to hitch your horse, so to speak. As always, we want to highlight a varied selection of the best PC games, from mammoth RPGs to 2D action platformers. Whether you’re looking to slay some dragons in a sprawling open world or try something a little off the beaten path, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best fantasy games on PC. Here are the best fantasy games to play now.

Here are the best fantasy games on PC:

Genshin Impact

For many, Genshin Impact has been a wild introduction to the world of gacha games. It’s a great place to start, honestly, and few of the best free PC games can claim to offer such a wealth of enjoyable missions, likable characters, and sumptuous visuals for the price of nowt.

The writing can be a bit hit-or-miss, but even if Paimon gets on your nerves, there’ll always be something to keep you playing, whether that be the promise of cool new loot, a fresh character, or another gorgeous sandbox area to explore.

Hero Wars

Though not the puzzle game that the adverts make it out to be, Hero Wars is a simple game that’ll be just what you’re after if you’re looking for a game that’s good at filling those brief windows of time that pop up.

It’s filled with daily challenges that start easy and slowly become more and more difficult as you play. There are so many heroes to unlock, and doing so will be a big part of the appeal for many players because they all fight in unique ways, and some have interesting and unusual designs. Naturally, it tries to squeeze microtransactions out of you as you get further and further into it, but it’s less predatory than some out there.

Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming

Of course, a game based on one of the most financially successful fantasy series of all time is going to have a spot on this list. In Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming, you get to play as a lord or lady in Westeros, getting caught up in the complex political web of the world following the death of Eddard Stark.

It’s an MMORTS that sees you building your powerbase so that you can become one of the dominant forces in the world: building, growing, and expanding your towns and cities while developing your military force and even hatching dragon eggs so that you can add those iconic fiery lizards to your arsenal. If it’s a world you’ve always wanted to be a part of, then this is a good way for you to do so – especially with it being free.


One of the best Dungeons & Dragons games out there, this action-oriented MMORPG gives you seven classes to choose from for your character, with each of them offering a very different style of gameplay, all of which contribute towards making the game’s combat system nuanced and enjoyable.

Of course, fantasy fans will probably be keen to explore its exotic realms, and on this front, Neverwinter will not disappoint. There are enchanting forests filled with all kinds of creatures, deep dark caves just waiting to be explored, and bustling cities filled with NPCs and other players. True to its source material, it also encourages creativity and features a wealth of user-generated content, meaning there’s a virtually unlimited selection of scenarios for you to dive into.


Wizard101 is an MMORPG that plunges you into the fantasy world of the Spiral. You play as a student in the Ravenwood School for Magical Arts who becomes enthralled in the sinister machinations of the school’s former necromancy teacher, Malistaire. The game takes you on an adventure that sees you visiting all kinds of fantastical locations, from Ancient Egypt-style civilizations to cities hidden under the sea.

Despite its more whimsical art style, the game’s story is quite dark and nuanced, and finding out what happens will be a good motivation to progress. Meanwhile, the gameplay mechanics make good use of it being an MMO, with other players able to join your battles to help you defeat foes you might be struggling with. It’s easy to see why it’s remained popular since its launch in 2008.

Black Desert

Black Desert Online is a stunning expansive open-world game from the team at Pearl Abyss. Whether you’re taking on big bosses in the scorching desert or roaming through peaceful forests, the high fantasy setting is impressive and beautiful, and it’s easy to get lost for hours just traversing the scenery.

This action-based MMORPG has some of the best combat scenes out there, with a captivating story and thrilling story to boot. The character development is unique and detailed, and you can try activities like fishing, hunting, gathering, and trading to level up.


This is a game that kind of blurs lines. In some sense, it’s a historical game and one that sees you building and expanding your city within the ancient Egyptian empire. On the other hand, there are pretty strong supernatural elements that incorporate elements from Egyptian mythology and religion into the game.

If you love strategic games that focus on building a society, then this is one that you’ll want to try. There are many active players too, and with each of them building their cities as well, you may find yourself coming into contact with them and doing battle. There are many different facets to the game, and though Anocris technically sits on the fringes of the genre, it’s something we think most fantasy fans will enjoy.

Final Fantasy XIV

How can we talk about fantasy games without mentioning one of the OGs? Final Fantasy has taken many different forms since its humble beginnings, and this MMO is one of the best reimaginings of the legend yet. Set in the world of Hydaelyn, you embark on quests in a beautifully sprawling world filled with hundreds of other adventures. You can spend your time fishing or running errands for villagers, or you can spend your time slaying monsters in dungeons with a merry band of heroes.

If you feel daunted about jumping into a series in its fourteenth installment, don’t. While there are plenty of little references and Easter Eggs that will put a grand big smile on the faces of long-time Final Fantasy fans, like most games in the series, its story is completely self-contained and requires no knowledge of the previous games to be enjoyed. The success of this game has introduced quite a lot of people to this historic IP – it’s possibly the best place for new fans to start.

Best fantasy games: Baldur's Gate 3. Image shows a selection of fantastical characters in the game.

Baldur’s Gate 3

Remember when Skyrim came out and completely blew everyone away? It’s now considered to be an all-time great, to the extent that it’s considered an essential experience for all gamers. Well, Baldur’s Gate 3 took the top spot in our game of the year ranking, so if you like fantasy settings or just great games in general, you’re sure to be into it.

What is most impressive about this game is the fact that it comes as close as possible to creating that same truly unlimited approach to problem-solving as you find in the tabletop version of DnD. There’s no set solution to any problem you encounter, rather, you can overcome obstacles by using your head. Meanwhile, with a huge sprawling world to explore, countless fleshed-out and likable characters, and a fantastic level of attention to detail, it’s easy to see why this has been making ripples.

Best fantasy games: Elden Ring. Image shows a warrior approaching a giant monster and a group of smaller monsters.

Elden Ring

FromSoftware’s latest iteration in its ‘Soulslike’ genre, this newest fantasy game has released to high player numbers and even higher critical acclaim, making it one of the best single-player games of all time. You can read our own Elden Ring review to see why this is an excellent addition to any fantasy fan’s roster.

From its gorgeous open world to the monster design, and its hard-as-nails combat systems, Elden Ring proves that you don’t need to heavily monetize or pad a game with grindy ‘collectables’ systems. If you want more Elden Ring goodies, check out our Elden Ring boss guide, our Elden Ring beginner’s guide, and our guide to the best Elden Ring weapons.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt griffin chase

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

With all the hype now years behind us, it’s plain to see that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has become one of the best PC games ever. Its expansive fantasy world has no shortage of deeply human interactions and tales of woe, joy, and everything in between. Ultimately, it’s this intense focus on storytelling – both epic and decidedly mundane – that gives it such an endearing spirit.

As a fantasy game, it’s arguably at the height of its powers during the Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine DLC quest lines. Here you’ll find plenty of creative twists on age-old fantasy yarns, with the latter even featuring a fully-explorable ‘Land of a Thousand Fables’.

After Geralt’s adventure has come to a close and you’ve spent dozens of hours in good company, you’ll doubtlessly leave The Witcher 3 with a lump in your throat and more than a tale or two of your own to tell. Don’t forget to read our Witcher 3 Wild Hunt review to learn about what makes this game so good.

Best fantasy games: Divinity: Original Sin 2. Image shows a battle unfolding on a staircase in a cobbled street.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

While many of us wait for Larian to finish making Baldur’s Gate 3, now is the perfect time to jump into the developer’s last game. According to our Divinity Original Sin 2 review, it’s an epic RPG that “gently encourages actual roleplaying and is supported by an unusually robust relationship between quests and simulation”.

Divinity: Original Sin 2’s turn-based combat is where it shines brightest, with spells that affect the battlefield with all kinds of terrain effects. It forces you to be tactical with your spells and abilities, ensuring your party members don’t get caught in sticky situations. With over 30 hours worth of RPG goodness on offer, and that’s just the first playthrough, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a phenomenally good time.

Best fantasy games: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Image shows a beautiful landscape within Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim has been picked apart, written about, and played more than perhaps any other game on this list – and for a good reason. It’s easily Bethesda’s most approachable modern RPG, offering hundreds of hours of popcorn fantasy and adventuring, and there’s still an undeniable charm to just wandering its world, engaging with its enjoyably awkward NPCs, and ignoring your destiny to steal some sweet rolls or ‘Fus Ro Dah’ a bandit off a cliff.

It certainly helps that the game’s modding scene is still going strong, with many of the best Skyrim mods being just a quick download away.

Best fantasy games: Dragon Age Inquisition. Image shows a warrior with a flaming sword fighting tall, strange creatures.

Dragon Age Inquisition

BioWare has a knack for engaging settings, compelling stories, and relatable characters… well, most of the time anyway. Dragon Age Inquisition has significantly more to it than the archetypal ‘hero’s journey’ that most fantasy games take you on. While the cast of companions you meet along the way are notoriously charming, it’s not just a fantasy dating sim – though if you want to spend all your time hanging out with Iron Bull, we won’t blame you. What sets this one apart from many, but not all, fantasy games is that you have decisions to make and an Inquisition to run.

The war council grants you an overview of the world, allowing you to convene with your trusted associates and plan your next move. You occasionally receive intel on leads for your quest, reconnaissance into new areas, and details on how factions view the Inquisition. It’s a different spin on how fantasy games usually go down, and you don’t even have to make the more mundane decisions reserved for monarchs.

Best fantasy games: Guild Wars 2. Image shows characters approaching somebody on a throne.

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is among the best, most well-known fantasy MMORPGs of all time – and even better, it’s free. As you dive head first into the world of Tyria, you’ll find that there’s no shortage of things to do. While other free MMOs make you grind before you can enjoy big, epic, fantasy adventures, Guild Wars 2 gives you them from the get-go.

There’s so much to do, and everything is worth your time; even things like crafting earn you precious EXP points. Plus, it’s a game where you carve out a unique path for yourself, with countless options for developing your character as you see fit. No player has the same experience in Guild Wars 2, and that’s part of what makes this living, breathing, fantasy world so enticing. Check out our Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons review to learn how good the latest expansion is.

Best fantasy games: Pillars of Eternity. Image shows a battle taking place, featuring strange spider-like creatures.

Pillars of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity is a smart RPG set in a grim fantasy land where your choices carry weight. Despite its obvious old-school appeal, it still bears a distinct personality and sense of history. Plus, it knows exactly what to take from its inspirations and what to update.

Obsidian’s approach should work well for fresh-eyed players and those who’ve spent a silly amount of time in the world of Neverwinter Nights, Baldur’s Gate, or Planescape: Torment. Read our Pillars of Eternity review to understand why we awarded this game a perfect score. Its seafaring successor, Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, is equally worthy of your attention.

Best fantasy games: Pyre. Image shows a colourful luminous landscape.


What a strange, resonant, and unforgettable game Pyre is. Supergiant’s tale of trapped exiles attempting to return home by succeeding in sport-like ‘rites’ is as sad as it is uplifting. Your journey through the Downside sees you befriending the unlikeliest of heroes, and the hardships shared by you, your party, and even your rivals bring everyone together and complicate every emotion felt.

Pyre’s world-building and branching narrative might be its major hooks, but the rites themselves are still a joy to play, and their surprising complexity becomes apparent as you progress or bump up the difficulty. The game doesn’t put a foot wrong.

Best fantasy games: Hollow Knight. Image shows Hollow Knight jumping and firing a beam in battle with other knights.

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is one of the most generous fantasy games you could hope to find on PC. It’s a 2D action platform game set in a strange land of giant bugs and underground civilizations. You aim to navigate and gradually map out your treacherous surroundings while taking down a series of tricky bosses.

Its open nature and countless well-hidden secrets make exploration a delight, and just as you think the game is drawing to a close or running out of steam, it presents some new idea or challenge to reinvigorate its action in a big way. There’s an incredible amount to see here, and it’s all worthwhile.

Best Fantasy games: a bald man and his son wander through a frozen wasteland.

God of War

A game about being a dad. Also a game about being a god. Thirdly, and maybe most importantly, it’s a game about pulling your enemies limb from limb. God of War sets a standard for narrative, setting, and acting that few games have matched, let alone surpassed, since its release on PC in 2022.

Frenetic, rewarding action is met with a genuinely great story, and some best-in-class performances by the actors. Check out our God of War review if you want to know more, but for anyone even remotely interested in fantasy, this is a must-play.

A Druid transforms into a bear to stave off an endless swarm of skeletons in Diablo 4, one of the best fantasy games.

Diablo 4

This latest instalment of Blizzard’s acclaimed action RPG has you taking on Lilith, Daughter of Hatred, in a blood-soaked journey that spans the sprawling open world of Sanctuary. Caught between the High Heavens and Burning Hells, the human population takes refuge in dreary settlements and looks to you for aid in their plight, as Lilith’s slavering demonic horde closes in to consume what little light remains.

Thankfully, Diablo 4 is as much of a power fantasy as it is a dark fantasy. Throw on your armor and grab the best Diablo 4 weapon you can find to knock demonic heads together in claustrophobic dungeons to receive an even bigger weapon that hits even harder, to fashion the best Diablo 4 builds for your race and class. Like its predecessor, Blizzard continues to expand Diablo 4 with seasonal content that includes new Diablo 4 world bosses, to keep you coming back for more long after you’re done leveling. To quote Lauren’s Diablo 4 review: “Praise Lilith, it’s back.”

And there you have it – the best fantasy games on PC. If you’re still on the hunt for something to play, perhaps our top recommendations for the best sword games, best roguelike games, and best RPG games might help narrow your search.