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Tower of Fantasy tier list best weapons and simulacra

Tower of Fantasy tier list: King stands upon a cemetery square with his back to the viewer, his scythe burning with fire resonance, as birds fly overheard


Before we get started with this Tower of Fantasy tier list, it’s important to clarify how the roster works exactly. Otherwise known as simulacra, Tower of Fantasy characters are largely cosmetic skins in this anime game. While it’s possible to imbue these avatars with minor buffs via the awakening system, most of their skills and abilities are tied to the weapon they wield. Team composition in Tower of Fantasy is closer to a weapons loadout, and the best characters are actually the best Tower of Fantasy weapons.

However, for the purposes of this Tower of Fantasy tier list, we’ll primarily be referring to the weapons you pull by the name of the simulacra that comes with them. This tier list also takes into account weapon advancements, which is what happens when you collect a duplicate of an SR or SSR simulacra. Some characters require weapon advancements to fully unlock their potential, while others don’t. Without further ado, here is our Tower of Fantasy tier list.

Tower of Fantasy tier list rankings

Our complete Tower of Fantasy tier list is summarised in the table below. For the finer details, keep scrolling for a breakdown of each character, including their strengths and weaknesses.

Tier Character
S Frigg (Balmung), King (Scythe of the Crow), Samir (Dual EM Stars), Nemesis (Venus), Claudia (Guren Blade), Cobalt-B (Flaming Revolver)
A Tsubasa (Ice Wind Arrow), Meryl (Rosy Edge), Cocoritter (Absolute Zero), Huma (Molten Shield V2)
B Zero (Negating Cube), Shiro (Chakram of the Seas), Crow (Thunder Blades), Ene (Broadside)
C Hilda (The Terminator), Bai Ling (Nightingale’s Feather), Pepper (Staff of Scars), Echo (Thunderous Halberd)
D None

S Tier

Taking top spot in our Tower of Fantasy tier list, these simulacra represent the current best-in-class in terms of the three loose archetypes that exist in Hotta Studio’s free PC game.

Frigg (Balmung) employs a hack-and-slash combat style, with a focus on unleashing devastating dodge combos via her Multislash ability. The frost domain created by her Fimbulwinter skill lies at the heart of her moveset, and with the right team composition, her weapon skills and advancements may serve to drastically improve the damage-per-second for both herself and her fellow ice simulacra. For a more in-depth look at Frigg, check out our best Tower of Fantasy Frigg build.

Sporting the highest base Shatter stat of any Tower of Fantasy character, King (Scythe of the Crow) is the best shieldbreaker in the game. His scythe is devastatingly fast, and many of his skills are tailored to dragging enemies back within range of his attacks, allowing no respite for retaliation. Additionally, King’s fire resonance also offers bonus utility outside of combat by allowing you to burn away thornvines, which block access to many of the supply pods scattered throughout the Tower of Fantasy map. If you’ve managed to pull this firebrand, our best Tower of Fantasy King build will have you slicing and dicing faster than ever.

Nemesis (Venus) is capable of dealing a respectable amount of damage at range, and her volt resonance grants her the passive ability to automatically paralyse enemies and prevent them from buffing themselves for six seconds. However, what makes her extremely valuable as a support class is the healing chain that triggers after dodging, which can stack up to five times.

If you’re looking for some serious firepower, you can’t go wrong with Cobalt-B (Flaming Revolver). Not only is her Flaming Revolver’s base Shatter stat high enough to directly rival King’s, but it also boasts an exceptional crit rate as well. Both her weapon skill and discharge dole out high burst damage capable of targeting groups of enemies at once. Even better, she can execute these abilities at range, so you never have to worry about getting lost in the fray. Cobalt-B’s damage output lends the potential of a fully aggressive Fire-type team composition, capable of tearing through enemies without the need for healing support. Just check out our Tower of Fantasy Cobalt-B primer to learn more.

Samir (Dual EM Stars) takes the crown as the best main DPS currently available. Not only does she benefit from the same volt resonance passive effects as Nemesis, but pairs it with a hail of bullets and kicks that dish out constant, sustained damage, leaving no opportunity for retreat. Samir rivals King as the Tower of Fantasy fan favourite, so check out our best Tower of Fantasy Samir build if you’re lucky enough to have pulled this heavy-hitter.

Claudia (Guren Blade) is a solid DPS simulacra in her own right, but she particularly excels at supporting the other weapons in your team composition. Her physical resonance grants her the Grievous passive, a nasty damage buff that bestows a flat damage buff alongside a further damage increase to fully charged weapons. Furthermore, Claudia is one of very few melee-based simulacra who are capable of suspending enemies, allowing you to dish out that damage and rapidly generate weapon charge without fear of retaliation. For a full breakdown of the latest addition to the MMORPG roster, take a look at our Tower of Fantasy Claudia primer. Alternatively, if you already have her in your possession, check out our best Tower of Fantasy Claudia build.

Tower of Fantasy tier list: Huma, emerging from fire and flames that roar behind her, pursued by two hounds.

A Tier

This tier is made up of strong characters, but they don’t necessarily excel as well as the S tier characters do.

Tsubasa (Ice Wind Arrow) may not be a high damage dealer on paper, but she makes for excellent support through her utility and the many damage buffs she can bring to the table for both herself and her allies, particularly when paired with Meryl or Frigg. The additional knockback attached to several of her skills is also extremely useful for putting space between yourself and enemies when you’re in dire straits.

As the second-best shieldbreaker, Meryl (Rosy Edge) is a great alternative to King, especially if you’re looking for synergy between simulacra that share her ice resonance. Meryl’s temporary immunities to stun and control effects while dishing out damage make her an unstoppable force. Finally, her Frost Barrier discharge is an excellent line of defence, blocking projectiles and slowing enemies for five seconds.

Cocoritter (Absolute Zero) provides healing support primarily through her Sanctuary skill, an area-of-effect (AoE) that follows her movements and restores the health of any allies within its circumference almost immediately. While Cocoritter provides a greater rate of healing per second than Nemesis, her support skills don’t stack. However, the buffs offered by her awakening traits and advancements boost her healing effects even further. If you’re looking for a main support healer, you can’t go wrong with Cocoritter.

Huma (Molten Shield V2) has a unique moveset featuring two forms: shield form, and axe form. Her shield form focuses on damage reduction and crowd controlling effects such as stuns and knockbacks, while her axe form dishes out damage and suspends targets in midair, leaving them vulnerable for a follow-up strike.

Tower of Fantasy tier list: Bai Ling wielding her Nightingale's Feather bow, about to unleash an arrow.

B Tier

This tier is a mix of some of the other SR characters, and SSR characters that require a little more investment to be good.

If you’re partial to rogue classes in traditional MMOs, Crow (Thunder Blades) is the simulacra for you. Landing a backstab sneak attack will deal damage equal to 570% of ATK before enemies even have a chance to retaliate. Crow pairs a high crit rate with a devastating number of attacks per second, making him an outstanding DPS character in close quarters. Crow’s positioning requirements can make him fiddly, but his high skill ceiling means that he can quickly climb up the tiers when he’s in the right hands.

Zero (Negating Cube) is another defensive simulacrum, and as such his regular attacks don’t pack much of a punch. The main feature of his moveset is his Omnium Shield, which is capable of soaking up huge amounts of damage dealt, and many of his abilities involve launching enemies into the air. Finally, Zero’s damage immunity buff generated by his discharge skill is a boon for PvP allies, with additional healing available through advancement.

If you’re looking for an AoE damage dealer, Shiro (Chakram of the Seas) is a great option. Her chakrams inflict stun effects and bounce between enemies, dishing out chain damage that can tear through large groups of enemies in no time. Shiro also has the potential to gain a powerful buff via her advancement tree: once she shatters an enemy’s shield, all weapon skills cooldowns are reset. Unfortunately, unlocking this advancement relies upon the luck of the gacha system to pull three duplicates from the relevant Tower of Fantasy banners.

Don’t underestimate Ene (Pummeler) – she may look cute, but she’s a surprisingly robust tank, particularly in the early game. Her Outburst skill increases her damage dealt for 25 seconds, with a mere 20 seconds between the end of its effect before it becomes available again. Ene may be outclassed by damage dealers and shieldbreakers at higher tiers, but she’s perfectly serviceable against early bosses, and her discharge attack can flatten mobs in one fell swoop.

Bai Ling (Nightingale’s Feather) is a ranged bow user that can be deadly in the right hands. Like Crow, Bai Ling’s performance largely depends on your own skill; if you’re a veteran of first-person shooting, you can comfortable expect decent damage output via her normal attacks. Additionally, her bow’s relatively high Charge rate pairs well with her Grievous passive, which bestows a damage buff to charged weapons. Bai Ling’s moveset is fairly one-note, but her arsenal of damage buffs and high crit rate is certainly nothing to sniff at.

Tower of Fantasy tier list: Pepper, a support healer in Tower of Fantasy, using her Staff of Scars to perform a healing spell.

C Tier

Pepper (Staff of Scars) is likely the first support healer that Tower of Fantasy’s gacha system will bestow upon you, and she certainly serves her purpose during those first few hours in Aida. However, she is effectively a lesser version of Cocoritter. Both characters share the Sanctuary and Swift Deliverance abilities as part of their kit, but Pepper’s 79% discharge heal pales in comparison to Coco’s 118.8%. Ultimately, Pepper is great for beginners, but easily replaced.

Like Pepper, Echo (Thunderous Halberd) falls behind largely due to the low percentages attached to her skills. Her rapid-fire combos and high Shatter stat make her a decent shieldbreaker, but DPS simulacra in higher tiers quickly outclass her. Echo is the first character you’ll be given in the RPG game for free, so odds are that you’ll pull duplicates and climb her advancement ranks quickly. However, once you have access to stronger weapons, it’s unlikely that you’ll stick with Echo for the long haul.

Hilda (The Terminator) is a straightforward ranged DPS that trades the damage favoured by bow users for a high fire rate, making her a good alternative if you’re not the best at first-person shooting. Unfortunately, this is one of Hilda’s few redeeming qualities. Her turret mode forces her to stand in place, making her vulnerable to fast-moving targets and large groups. Like most simulacra, Hilda’s drawbacks can be offset by her advancements, but it’s a high price to pay when there are plenty of alternative ranged users to choose from.

We’ve not gone for a D Tier in this list, because the truth of the matter is that most current weapons are viable, depending on the situation. The SR tier characters, as the easiest to acquire, will definitely serve you well enough until you pull someone of SSR rank. Some of the lower-tiered characters are less than ideal if you haven’t unlocked their full potential, but at the moment there’s no such thing as a truly ‘bad’ weapon or character.

That’s a wrap on our Tower of Fantasy tier list. Unlocking the most powerful simulacra available is only possible through the built-in gacha system, so check out our guide to the Tower of Fantasy battle pass and our list of currently active Tower of Fantasy codes for access to additional currency.