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Tower of Fantasy weapons, tiers, types, and upgrades explained

Tower of Fantasy Weapons: Echo


Want to know what the best Tower of Fantasy weapons are and how to upgrade them? Blades, bows, and other weapons are actually one of the most defining features of the anime game but, in a fairly unique Gacha mechanic, Tower of Fantasy’s characters do not have their own traits, types, or powers. They’re more like glorified skins because the stats all lie in their relative weapons.

In Tower of Fantasy, you play as one playable character all along, rather than building a party like in Genshin Impact. That character can then wield any loadout of desired weapons, obtained through banners and events, while unlocked characters are worn as skins, providing no advantage in battle. Each time you draw for a new character, you’ll get both the character and their weapon together. Here’s what you need to know about Tower of Fantasy weapons.

Tower of Fantasy weapon tiers

There are currently three different weapon tiers depending on rarity: R, SR, and SSR. SSR weapons are the rarest and therefore they’re the best weapons to equip due to increased base stats. These top-tier weapons and their characters can be pulled from Genshin-like banners and events, and are comparable to five-star characters.

SR, the four-star equivalent, can also be obtained through banners, but you are given Echo and her SR-tier Halberd in the early game. With only R-tier weapons available up to this point, Echo’s Thunderous Halberd will be the best weapon to add to your loadout at this point, and you might consider pairing it with an R-tier bow for ranged attacks.

Tower of Fantasy weapon types

With four different weapon types, you can either mix them up in your loadout or stick to your favourite type. Of course, you can’t always determine which weapons you’ll draw, so the early game is the perfect opportunity to get to grips with each type and see how it works while you build up your collection. Each of the four types has a set ability, as marked out below, but some come with additional unique abilities.

Tower of Fantasy Ice Weapon


Ice type

Ice Shell: A fully-charged attack freezes the target for two seconds, leaving them frostbitten for six seconds. Breaking the ice shell causes additional damage equal to 151% attack damage. While frostbitten, the target’s weapon charge rate is reduced by 50%.

Tower of Fantasy Lightning weapon


Volt: Fully-charged weapons paralyse targets for a second, electrifying them for six seconds and dealing damage equal to 144% of attack damage. This electric attack also negates all buffs and prevents the target from receiving any new buffs for the next six seconds.

Tower of Fantasy Fire Weapon


Flame: When the flame weapon is fully charged, it will set the target on fire for eight seconds with the next attack, causing ongoing damage of 58% of ATK every second. Ignited targets receive 50% efficacy from healing.

Tower of Fantasy Grievous weapon


Grievous: Fully charged weapons will inflict damage equal to 137% of ATK with the next attack, and make the target grievous for seven seconds, taking 20% extra damage.

Tower of Fantasy weapon abilities

Each Tower of Fantasy weapon has four different abilities. These provide alternative attacks to the basic attack, be that a combo, a dodge, or a powerful charge attack. The four different weapon abilities to master are:

  • Normal: A combination of five basic attacks, each dealing higher damage than the one before.
  • Dodge: By dodging an inbound attack at the correct time, you will trigger Phantasia, slowing down all nearby enemies for a time. You are also briefly immune while dodging.
  • Skill: Each weapon’s skill is unique, but is essentially a powerful attack which increases damage or healing power by a large percentage.
  • Discharge: Like the Skill ability, Discharge is also unique to each weapon, but is always activated when the weapon is fully charged or Phantasia has been triggered. Discharge removes all debuffs from the player and increases attack damage or healing effect by a significant amount, among other, unique bonuses.

How to upgrade Tower of Fantasy weapons


Upgrading your weapon is the first part of improving your gear, and thankfully it’s quite simple. Using Gold, you can simply choose to “Enhance” your weapon from that weapon’s menu page. There is a level cap with enhancing though, at which point you need to augment your weapon to continue enhancement.


Once you have reached the enhancement level cap for your weapon, you will need to spend elemental cores to augment it, in order to upgrade it further. These cores are specific to your weapon type, so you will need the correct core for your weapon.

  • Magcore (Purple): Lightning weapons
  • Firecore (Red): Fire weapons
  • Rockcore (Orange): Grievous weapons
  • Icecore (Blue): Ice weapons

These cores can be collected in the environment around you, and look like large crystal clusters growing from the ground. Break these crystals to collect the cores.

Ascension Advancements

The final step of the rather convoluted Tower of Fantasy weapons upgrades system means you can also ascend your weapons, gaining advancements. There are six levels of weapon advancement which improve your weapon’s base attack or HP, or provide an additional power, unique to that weapon.

The material required to ascend your weapon is the hardest to obtain. Called Fusion Cores, the ascension material is obtained from breaking down duplicate weapons of the same type. For example, you can only ascend a Scythe of the Crow if you obtain a second, and convert it into Fusion Cores. The good thing about this is providing a use for any duplicates you might draw, but pulling a duplicate on an SSR weapon is going to require a lot of luck.

Now you have all the information you need regarding weapons in Tower of Fantasy, swat up on every one of the game’s vehicles, and how to unlock and navigate the Tower of Fantasy map. And, given these weapons come hand in hand with their relative characters, take a look at our Tower of Fantasy tier list to see how they stack up.