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All Star Wars Jedi Survivor collectibles map locations

Star Wars Jedi Survivor collectibles - Cal and BD-1 looking at a deserted base.


Want to find all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor collectibles? Cal Kestis’ latest adventure sees the young Jedi fugitive traverse across a galaxy filled to the brim with treasures, artefacts, and ancient secrets. However, you don’t need to go spelunking without some form of intel; luckily, the game has a way to pin them onto your map.

Our recommendation before you go off galavanting to find all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor collectibles is to complete the story first. You’ll need plenty of traversal abilities and other mandatory upgrades found in the RPG game, so it’s better to have as clean a slate as possible. Once you gather these maps, they will make gathering all the major collectibles in Star Wars Jedi Survivor a trifling affair.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor treasure map location

The treasure map will highlight all the Priorite Shards, Data Discs, and Jedha Scrolls on the map after you finish the main story. Head to the Anchorite Base meditation point in Jedha. By opening the Holomap, you can see an area in the Arid Flats called the Wayfinder’s Tomb. Head there and look for the locked tomb at the top of the rock here.

To open the tomb, there are three environmental puzzles in which you’re tasked with redirecting orbs to the top of a rock by moving slidable wall parts. You can find these puzzles in the following areas:

  • Path of Persistence – east of the Anchorite Base meditation point.
  • Path of Restoration – west of the Anchorite Base meditation point.
  • Path of Conviction – north of the Anchorite Base meditation point.

Once you solve these three puzzles, return to the Wayfinder’s Tomb and head inside the now-open tomb. Find the BD-1 terminal to slice open and get the map upgrade, which will pin some of the collectibles onto your map.

Cal has opened a Stim Cannister, which is one of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor collectibles you can find using a map.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor chest map location

The chest map allows you to easily locate any chests, Stim Canisters, and BD-1 Slice upgrades. After finishing the main story, head to the Mountain Ascent meditation point in Koboh’s Folly region. Walk back towards the Foothills Falls, then fly the Relter to a nearby platform and use the Force Pull ability to rip open the metal sheets on the trapdoor to the left of the hut.

Drop down to access the Phon’qi Caverns, a rather linear area filled with droids and poisonous creatures. You’ll also fight three lightsaber-wielding Bedlam Raiders in a boss battle, and upon their defeat, you’ll find a BD-1 terminal to slice open for the chest map upgrade.

Cal is collecting a perk, one of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor collectibles that you can find using one of the maps.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor essence map location

The essence map is handy for those wishing to upgrade all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor perks and find the perk slots and skill points. To get this one, you first need to complete all seven Jedi Chambers. Upon doing so, go to the Alignment Control Center meditation point in Koboh to find seven monitors. These should all now show a green screen, which will unlock the BD-1 terminal next to the meditation point, which upon using the Slice ability, will unlock the ability to find essences easily.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor flower map

Finally, there is also a map for the flowers you can cultivate in the game. You first need to recruit Pili Wade in the Blustery Mesa in Jedha. You’ll find this area automatically as you play through the game, so you shouldn’t need to go out of your way to find her. After talking to her, she will appear on the Cantina’s roof.

Next, you’ll need to find a sample of the ten Star Wars Jedi Survivors seeds. Upon doing so and returning to the garden above the Cantina, plant them all and wait for them to grow to unlock more soils. Eventually, you’ll get a BD-1 terminal to slice open, populating Koboh with seeds.

And those maps’ locations will help you gather all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor collectibles. Of course, before you start delving deep into the latest Star Wars game, it’s worth brushing up on the best Star Wars Jedi Survivor perks and how you unlock them in the first place. We also have a list of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor enemies so you can prepare ahead if you run into trouble while gathering certain key items.