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Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 map

The fully revealed Fortnite map in Chapter 5 Season 1.


What does the Fortnite map look like? It’s time for yet another new island as we speed into Chapter 5 Season 1, meaning that we’ve got an entirely fresh set of locations to memorize. Luckily, there aren’t all that many named places to learn at first and the themes seem to be relatively similar to what we’ve seen before.

As the battle royale game is constantly in flux, everything in this guide probably will change throughout the season. This goes also for the many Fortnite weapons, which have now completely changed and now include attachments. So, pull up a chair as we go through the changes to come to the Fortnite map in Chapter 5 Season 1.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 map

With a brand new map to explore, here are all the POIs and whether or not they’re any good for loot:

  • Classy Courts – not quite as good for mythic items, but a good amount of loot.
  • Fencing Fields – by far the best spot on the map for a good quantity of loot, and you also may get a chance to walk away with a mythic item.
  • Grand Glacier – home to a pretty hotel with a good amount of loot, and some stunning views.
  • Hazy Hillside – this location is relatively unremarkable when it comes to loot, so only come here if
  • Lavish Lair – a decent amount of loot, but beware of Oscar and his minions. Defeating him will give you some valuable loot.
  • Pleasant Piazza – a good amount of loot here, but the main attraction is the network of tunnels that you can use to ambush your foes.
  • Rebel’s Roost – there’s not a lot of loot here, but the underground sections have weapon cases with upgraded guns.
  • Reckless Railways – while not the best place for overall loot, there’s a lot more cover to allow you to win firefights. You can also easily catch the train here.
  • Ritzy Riviera – there’s a vault here that you can open for good loot, but otherwise, it’s a bit out of the way.
  • Ruined Reels – normally relatively quiet and can have a good amount of loot, including a weapon case hidden away underground.
  • Snooty Steppes – a good place for loot, but beware of the Peter Griffin NPC boss that patrols the area, he packs a punch.

Fortnite character locations

In Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1, the following characters can be found in these locations on the Fortnite map:

  • Sun Tan Specialist – on the smaller beach that’s due west from Pleasant Piazza.
  • Metal Mouth – on top of the cliff that’s south of the railway station close to Classy Courts.
  • Vengeance Jones – inside the Underground HQ, which is southeast of Pleasant Piazza.
  • Hope – in a bunker inside the tunnels north of Hazy Hillside.
  • Snow Striker – northeast of Hazy Hillside, on top of the mountain.
  • Steelsight – Rebel’s Roost
  • Contract Giller – walking the docks northwest of Classy Courts.
  • Mecha Team Shadow – at the railway station southeast of Ritsy Riviera.
  • Boxy – north of Ritzy Riviera.
  • Leelah – east of Hazy Hillside, inside the building at the top of the mountain.
  • Starr Oakley – on the island at the very south of the map.
  • Dara – the building to the east of Fencing Fields.
  • Silas Hesk – Ruined Reels.
  • Solid Snake – on the island at the very north of the map.
  • April O’Neil – north of the bridge between Reckless Railways and Grand Glacier.
  • Snowheart – southwest of Grand Glacier.
  • Master Splinter – to the south of the building between Fencing Fields and Pleasant Piazza.
  • Peter Griffin (hostile) – Snooty Steppes.
  • Nisha (hostile) – south of Fencing Fields.
  • Valeria (hostile) – Reckless Railways.
  • Montague (hostile) – Grand Glacier
  • Oscar (hostile) – Lavish Lair

That’s everything we know about the new Fortnite map changes. That’s not the only big change in Chapter 5 Season 1, as Lego Fortnite is available to play for free and is immensely fun. To help you get started, check out our Lego Fortnite weapons and Lego Fortnite village level upgrade guides. For more Fortnite goodness, check out the Fortnite codes for the new freebie item this season.