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Palworld Map – Locations, And Points EXPLAINED

Palworld map – all locations, regions, and points of interest


What are the Palworld map locations? Pocketpair’s peculiar Poké-like takes place on Palpagos Island, a tropical paradise full of critters just waiting to be caught and put to work. If you’re looking to survive the wilds, then you need a strong sense of direction – or a good map of all the locations and areas in the region. Thankfully, we can help you with the latter.

Pocketpair has confirmed the Palworld map size is approximately 16 square kilometers, and we may well see Palpagos Island expand further as more content is added to the open-world game. Our quest to catch all Palworld Pals is set to take us through active volcanoes, mystical ice caves, and expansive woodland areas. Here are all Palworld map locations, so you can keep your sense of direction as you explore.

Here are all the Palworld map locations you need to know:

Palworld Map Tower Locations

Your main objective in Palworld is to defeat faction bosses located inside towers on the Palworld map. Tracking them down can be a challenge in itself, so here’s where to find the Palworld boss towers.

Here are all the tower locations:

  • Tower #1 – Tower of the Rayne Syndicate (112, -434)
  • Tower #2 – Tower of the Free Pal Alliance (185, 28)
  • Tower #3 – Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre (-588, -518)
  • Tower #4 – Tower of the PIDF (561, 334)
  • Tower #5 – Tower of the PAL Genetic Research Unit (-149, 445)

Palworld Alpha Pal locations

Alpha Pals are optional bosses that patrol certain areas on the Palworld map. These powerful ‘boss’ Pals can be either caught or killed for Palworld Technology points, though they’ll also serve you well in Palworld breeding, too. The Palworld Alpha Pal locations can be found above – be sure to check out our complete list of Palworld bosses if you’re looking for specific Alpha Pals.

Palworld dungeon locations

Palworld dungeons are an excellent place to find rare Palworld resources, including Palworld Ancient Civilization Parts. While the dungeon entrances regularly change locations, they each have set spawn points within their regions.

Here are all the dungeon types and their locations:

  • Hillside Cavern – Windswept Hills
  • Ravine Grotto – Bamboo Groves
  • Isolated Island Cavern – Eastern Wild Island, Marsh Island, Ice Wind Island, Sea Breeze Archipelago, Forgotten Island
  • Mountain Stream Grotto – Moonless Shore, Verdant Brook
  • Sacred Mountain Cavern – Astral Mountains
  • Cavern of the Dunes – Dessicated Desert
  • Volcanic Cavern – Mount Obsidian

Palworld Sealed Realm locations

While most Alpha Pals can be encountered out in the wilds of the Palworld map, a select few appear in specific dungeons known as Sealed Realms. Unlike regular dungeons, Palworld Sealed Realms transport you to an isolated arena, where you can duke it out to capture or defeat rare and powerful Alpha Pals in an explosive boss encounter.

Here are all the Sealed Realm locations:

  • Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings – Windswept Hills
  • Sealed Realm of the Abyss Nights – Forgotten Island
  • Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant – Bamboo Groves
  • Sealed Realm of the Invincible – Marsh Island
  • Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster – Bamboo Groves
  • Sealed Realm of Spirits – Moonless Shore
  • Sealed Realm of the Stalwart – Verdant Brook
  • Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon – Bamboo Groves
  • Sealed Realm of the Esoter – Sea Breeze Archipelago
  • Sealed Realm of the Swift – Verdant Brook
  • Sealed Realm of the Guardian – Verdant Brook
  • Sealed Realm of the Pristine Frostbound Mountains

Palworld Wandering Merchant locations

The Wandering Merchant should be your first stop if you’re looking for resources in a pinch, whether that’s Palworld Wheat Seeds, schematics, or Palworld medical supplies. They can often be found in settlements or near the ruined churches that appear throughout the Palworld map.

Here are all the main Wandering Merchant locations:

  • Small Settlement
  • Marsh Island Church Ruins
  • Forgotten Island Church Ruins
  • Small Cove
  • Deep Bamboo Thicket
  • Dune Shelter
  • Twilight Dunes
  • Fisherman’s Point

Palworld Black Marketeer locations

Black Marketeers are the more questionable form of trade on Palpagos Island, allowing you to hand over your unwanted Pals in exchange for Palworld gold coins. These Pal Merchants pop up in different places across the Palworld map, so don’t be surprised if you return to a location to find that they’ve already moved elsewhere.

Here are all the main Black Marketeer locations:

  • Small Settlement
  • Desolate Church
  • Small Cove
  • Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings
  • Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant
  • Sealed Realm of the Swift
  • Mount Flopie Summit
  • Marsh Island Church Ruins
  • Forgotten Island Church Ruins
  • Eastern Wild Island
  • Fisherman’s Point
  • Ruined Fortress City
  • Beach of Everlasting Summer
  • Dune Shelter
  • PIDF Tower Entrance
  • Icy Weasel Hill

Palworld captured Pal locations

Captured Pals can usually be found in enemy camps across Palpagos Island, so be prepared for a fight or two if you plan to rescue them all. Captured Pals are often not native to the area in which they appear, giving you the chance to acquire brand new Pals without venturing into high-level areas. The captured Pal locations can be found above – be sure to bring along the best Palworld weapons to free them with ease.

Palworld Skill Fruit tree locations

Skill Fruit are rare consumables that allow you to teach your Pals some of the most powerful abilities in the RPG. However, they can only be found hanging off Skill Fruit trees, which grow in specific locations on Palpagos Island. The Palworld Skill Fruit tree locations can be found above – we highly recommend a flying Palworld mount if you want to reach them quickly.

Three players glide across the Palworld map, two of them hanging from the taloned grip of their Pals while a third uses a more traditional glider.

Palworld map regions

Like most games like Pokemon, certains Pals are only available to catch in specific Palworld map regions. Familiarizing yourself with the major areas of Palpagos Island also increases your chances of discovering rare Palworld variations and ideal spots for a new Palworld base.

Here are the Palworld map locations:

  • Windswept Hills – This is the main starter location and is mostly populated with low-level Pals.
  • Marsh Island – A forest area with relatively low-level Pals, though a wider range of species is available.
  • Eastern Wild Island – An island to the far east boasting several high-value Alpha Pals and several mid-level dungeons.
  • Forgotten Island – An island to the far east with a low Pal population and scant resources, making it the most challenging respawn area.
  • Ice Wind Island – While this island isn’t too dissimilar from the surrounding areas, its close proximity to the high-level Twilight Dunes can make it a tough start for budding Pal Tamers.
  • Sea Breeze Archipelago – This area has an abundance of low-level Alpha Pals to catch and a diverse population of regular Pals, making it an ideal starter area.
  • Verdant Brook – A hilly zone consisting of copious trees and waterfalls that a variety of mid-level Pals call home.
  • Forgotten Island – A series of islands filled with low-level Water-type Pals.
  • Bamboo Groves – A hilly area covered in bamboo shoots. This area in the central island is home to many different Pal types.
  • Moonless Shore – A mid-level area to the west of Bamboo Groves with relatively few dungeons but plenty of Pals.
  • Twilight Dunes – Part of the central island near Bamboo Groves, this desert area has a giant statue of Anubis, which is the boss of the area.
  • Dessicated Desert – A warm area filled with high-level Ground-type Pals.
  • Frostbound Mountains – This snowy peak can be only be explored with cold weather clothing equipped, but its abundant Quartz nodes are essential for late-game gear upgrades.
  • Mount Obsidian – A very hot area characterized by its flowing magma and enormous volcano populated by Fire-type Pals.
  • Astral Mountains – A very cold area toward the far north of the map, notable for the snowy mountain populated by Ice-type Pals that overlooks several settlements and the world tree.
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries – These three sanctuaries are represented as off-shore structures on the Palworld map, and are packed with rare Pals to fill your Paldeck.

Now that you know all the Palworld map locations and points of interest, why not make exploration a little easier by bringing a real-life pal along in Palworld multiplayer? We’ve also got the lowdown on Palworld fighting and Palworld breeding to help you become a master Pal Tamer. Finally, our Palworld early access review includes our own impressions on Pocketpair’s subversive creature collector. If you’re wondering whether or not Palworld is on Switch, our friends at Pocket Tactics have you covered.

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