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FFXIV Sage guide – how to play Sage

The Final Fantasy XIV Sage NPC speaking to the player at night in Limsa Lominsa


Want to find out more about the Final Fantasy 14 Sage job? The FFXIV Endwalker expansion is here, adding new dungeons, raids, gear, and systems. Alongside the many new features, we’ve also got a new playable class – the Sage job. First introduced in Final Fantasy III and seen again in Final Fantasy Tactics, players have been long anticipating the arrival of the Sage class.

The Sage job in FFXIV is a vastly different take on the job we’ve seen in previous games; instead of using powerful white and black magic or inflicting status hindering attacks, the Sage is a barrier healer, similar to the Scholar. This is the fourth healer to be added to Final Fantasy 14, to sit alongside the White Mage, Scholar, and Astrologian.

It’s one of two new jobs to be released with the Endwalker expansion, alongside the new Reaper class. So, let’s take a look at how to unlock the stylish new healer, and how to use the FFXIV Sage abilities to protect and heal your allies using the Sage’s crystal cannons.

ffxiv how to unlock sage

To start playing as a sage, you must own the Endwalker expansion and have one of the Disciplines of War or Magic at level 70. Once these prerequisites are fulfilled, go to Limsa Lominsa Lower Deck and talk to Sharlayan Maiden (X: 9.4 Y: 12.9) to get the quest ‘Sage’s Path’. ou’ll speak to the NPC Lalah Jinjahl, from Sharlayan – she needs a guide familiar with Eorzea, and so she will teach you the ways of the sage.

FFXIV Sage guide

The core characteristic of the FFXIV Sage job is the use of Somonautics as a means to heal or to harm. This is a discipline that combines medicine, aetherology, and sorcery. By using nouliths – floating crystals – sages manipulate the aether to use their skills of protection or to fight their foes. It may seem a complicated job in the beginning, but once you understand the idea behind the job and its basic skills, you’ll be ready to go.

In Final Fantasy XIV, there are two types of healers: those that provide direct healing, like White Mages and Astrologians, and those that grant barriers to other players while also healing them to a lesser degree – like the Scholar, the Sage falls into the latter category.

Sages can easily create powerful barriers to negate incoming damage to your party, but this job doesn’t output too much raw healing. If you’re interested in healing but also want to participate in fights and deal damage, the Sage is a good fit for you.

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FFXIV Sage skills

The Sage’s role is to prevent as much damage as possible, and use more direct heals when a player is in danger. Sages have three types of healing: global cooldown healing skills, global cooldown barrier and healing skills, and off-global cooldown skills. Besides these, you also have magic attacks that can heal other players.

The first skill you need to use is Kardia. When activated, you grant the Kardia effect to yourself and the Kardion effect to the target player, in much the same way as the Dancer class selects a partner. Once you use Kardia on someone, every magic attack you use will heal them. As a result, dealing damage as a Sage also provides a source of sustained healing to your allies.

In addition to Kardia, the Sage has other three main skills: dosis, diagnosis, and prognosis. Dosis is your main magic attack, diagnosis is a single target healing spell, and prognosis provides area-of-effect healing.

A Sage in Final Fantasy XIV using a skill that sends out beams of teal light

Eukrasia is another important ability in the Sage’s kit. Using Eukrasia transforms the above skills into Eukrasian Dosis, Eukrasian Diagnosis, and Eukrasian Prognosis, which have different effects. Eukrasian Dosis deals damage-over-time rather than direct damage, and both healing skills’ Eukrasian versions also create barriers. Dosis, Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Eukrasia are all in the global cooldown, which means you can’t use one right after the other. Eukrasia must also be activated each time you want to use any of the Eukrasian skills.

The second group of healing skills is related to the Addersgall trait. Every twenty seconds, you receive a stack of Addersgall, which is recorded on a gauge on the screen. You can have a maximum of three stacks at the same time. These stacks are used to cast additional healing spells, such as Druochole, a potent single-target healing spell, and Kerachole, a group regen and damage reduction spell that also restores some of your MP. Each skill consumes one stack of Addersgall, so it’s important to use them strategically. Because you don’t need to spend MP to cast them, Addersgalls skills are very important for your rotation.

Sages also have the Addersting trait. This ability is similar to the Addersgall trait; however, Addersting stacks start accumulating once the barrier granted by Eukrasian Diagnosis is totally absorbed. Addersting stacks are used to cast Toxicon, a magic attack that damages the target and surrounding enemies, and heals the player affected by Kardion.

The FFXIV Sage using an ability on top of a snowy mountain at night

Once you’ve mastered these three major aspects of the Sage job and become more comfortable with its gameplay, you can begin to incorporate additional skills, such as the reviving skill Egeiro and the buffs that can improve its healing potency. Sages have other skills that grant barriers to players too, like Haima, which is very useful in moments of continuous damage, or Physis, a skill that grants regen to your party.

That’s everything you need to know to get started as a Sage in FFXIV; as you practice, you’ll learn how to find the balance between using barriers and direct healing to support your party. Check out our guide to the best mounts in FFXIV, and the other FFXIV classes you can play as.