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Best Warzone guns – the top weapons in Urzikstan

Best Warzone guns: a large sniper rifle with bipod and suppressor attachment.


What are the best Warzone guns? Warzone has evolved several times over the past few years, swapping out the maps, weapons, and gameplay mechanics depending on the latest Call of Duty release. Warzone has transitioned from Al Mazrah to Urzikstan, a fictional country referenced throughout the rebooted Modern Warfare series.

Long-time fans know just how intense the battle royale game can get, with a large part of the battle being knowing which Warzone guns are worth picking up on Urzikstan. It’s time to get reacquainted with Call of Duty: Warzone as we sift through over 110 weapons to pick out the best Warzone guns on offer.

Call of Duty Best Warzone guns

There are over 100 guns to pick from in Warzone, but we’ve carefully selected the very best picks from each weapon type to get you going. Each entry has a link to a weapon loadout, detailing all of the attachments you need to build the gun for yourself. We should note that some of the weapons in this list are from Modern Warfare 2, so you won’t have access to them unless you own that game.

Here are the best Warzone guns:

  • MCW
  • KV Inhibitor
  • Striker
  • MTZ 556
  • Rival-9
  • Holger 26
  • WSP Swarm
  • BAS-B
  • Longbow
  • COR 45
  • Lockwood 680
  • BAS-P (MW2)

KATT-AMR Warzone guns

By far the best long-range option in Warzone, the KATT-AMR has exceptional bullet velocity and damage, making distance targets easy to hit, with two shots being enough to secure a down. Utilize our best Warzone KATT AMR loadout to get the most out of this sniper rifle.

MCW Warzone guns

If you prefer to use traditional assault rifles with normal firing modes, the MCW is the weapon for you. The best MCW loadout considers the amount of extra space on Urzikstan compared to the MW3 multiplayer maps. As a result, our customized MCW features faster bullet velocity, improved recoil control, and a further damage range. The MCW is a fantastic option for beginners looking for a no-frills weapon that can get the job done.

KV Inhibitor Warzone guns

While long-range weapons like the best sniper rifles in Warzone rarely show their true potential until the battle royale mode launches, the KV Inhibitor is no exception as it’s finally showing its true colors. Our KV Inhibitor loadout gives you access to a sniper rifle that barely has any recoil, and you can easily pick off enemies from a distance without needing to reload because it comes stocked with a 20-round magazine.

Striker Warzone guns

The CoD community has largely ignored SMGs prior to the launch of Season 1, but these weapons have been given a buff to improve their mobility on the battlefield. The Striker was one of the better SMGs before the latest update, now it’s even better using our customized Striker loadout, especially when used as a secondary weapon when paired alongside the Overkill vest.

MTZ 556 Warzone guns

Similar to the MCW, the MTZ 556 is one of the first assault rifles you unlock in Modern Warfare 3, making it a popular pick among players in Warzone. Our MTZ 556 loadout keeps your shots pin-point accurate from close to medium range even during sustained fire. What makes this AR so strong is that you have a 50-round drum to give you enough bullets to wipe out an entire squad, providing you don’t miss any of your shots.

Rival-9 Warzone guns

Don’t sleep on SMGs in Warzone, they’re much better in the battle royale game mode as your loadout should be designed to handle enemies at all ranges. The Rival-9 loadout in the secondary slot gives you access to an accurate and mobile weapon, making it eliminate nearby enemies while sprinting around. You don’t need to worry about your bullets flying around as we’ve selected the perfect attachments to keep your recoil down.

Holger 26 Warzone guns

Another weapon type that largely goes ignored is the best LMGs in Warzone, but these guns can be deadly when paired with the right attachments. The Holger 26 loadout for Warzone utilizes the weapon’s impressive recoil control and equips a 4x scope to engage in long-range combat. We highly recommend using the Holger 26 when you’re grouped up with squadmates as suppression fire can be incredibly helpful when pinning down enemies.

WSP Swarm Warzone guns

The WSP Swarm is a difficult weapon to recommend to beginners due to its incredibly fast rate of fire, but if you can control this SMG, you could have an excellent secondary weapon on your hands. The main thing you need to remember is to account for the sheer amount of vertical recoil this weapon suffers from, just keep pulling your mouse down as you fire the WSP Swarm to counteract the gun’s spring back. Take a look at the best SMGs in Warzone if this one doesn’t speak to you.

BAS-B Warzone guns

In previous Warzone metas, the power of battle rifles usually depends on the size of the map. Fortunately, Urzikstan is around the same size as Verdansk which explains why the BAS B performs exceptionally well in this mode. The best BAS B loadout can threaten enemies from long range, but it thrives at mid-range where you can take down enemies with just a few well-placed shots.

Longbow Warzone guns

Bolt action sniper rifles like the Kar98k used to dominate Warzone back in the days of Verdansk, but their modern equivalent doesn’t seem to pack the same level of firepower. That being said, the best Longbow loadout allows you to cycle a second bullet into the chamber incredibly quickly, drastically increasing the sniper’s fire rate. If you happen to miss your first attempt, this feature can be highly effective as you get to take a second bite of the cherry.

COR 45 Warzone guns

The COR 45 pistol is a powerful secondary weapon, particularly when built using our best COR 45 loadout which upgrades the gun using the XRK IP-V2 Conversion Kit. This aftermarket part turns the pistol into a makeshift SMG, giving you the best of both worlds without having to make a massive sacrifice with your favorite vest.

Lockwood 680 Warzone guns

Shotguns can be devastating when used in the right places, mainly inside buildings where you can chase down rival players. Our best Lockwood 680 loadout should be used by players who have a strong understanding of Urzikstan, you need to take advantage of buildings whenever you can to get the most out of the shotgun. Pair this weapon alongside a long-range gun like a battle rifle and you should have no problems on the battlefield.

BAS-P (MW2) Warzone guns

We’ve avoided putting too many Modern Warfare 2 weapons on this list as they seemed underpowered at first, but the latest season has buffed several MW2 guns to make us change our minds. The best BAS-P loadout can rip through enemies thanks to its fire rate, but our loadout sacrifices some of its damage potential for mobility. While it’s always good to have a strong weapon at your side, your secondary gun needs to be able to get you out of sticky situations whenever they arise.

And that’s everything you need to know about the best Warzone guns. Want to know what the best Warzone loadouts are? We’ve paired together the best weapons in the free PC game to create meta-defining loadouts. Once you manage to call in a loadout drop, the rest of the game should be a piece of cake.