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PUBG new map release date – Deston drops in July

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Developer Krafton finally revealed the next PUBG map Deston in a livestream on June 24, confirming the battle royale game‘s urban-focused location – the ninth map we’ve seen in PUBG, and the first new one since Taego in 2021. But what is the new PUBG map release date?

Krafton confirmed the PUBG Deston map with a brief announcement trailer and a livestream, with a more in-depth look at the multiplayer game’s ninth location now available on the Deston website – including the map itself. It promises a lot more than the massive city of Ripton, with new features like Fortnite-style ascender ropes, airboats, and a permanent parachute ability.

PUBG new map release date

The new PUBG map Deston will release on July 13. More details and the exact release time will be available closer to this date. Krafton adds that there will also be a Deston Survivor Pass available on this date too.

You can check out the teaser trailer below.

Deston is described as having been ruined and abandoned after a hurricane, with large parts of the 8×8 map flooded and requiring an airboat to get around. Locations include the large city of Ripton, a dam, a wind turbine plant, a swamp, a now-much-more-deadly paintball arena, and a concert venue featuring a giant inflatable chicken. You can try it out for yourself in July.

PUBG has seen a surge in popularity since going free-to-play in January, and the game’s ranked season 18.1 is going on right now.