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The best Halo Infinite multiplayer weapons, guns, and gadgets

The player is holding a red sniper rifle, one of the best Halo Infinite weapons, as a red Spartan dashes around a corner.


At last, we’re getting to grips with all of the Halo Infinite guns and power weapons. While it’s still some time until we’ll be able to slay aliens when the Halo Infinite campaign release date rolls around, we’ve been playing a lot of multiplayer over the past few days.

If you’re a fan of the series, plenty of these weapons will be familiar to you. Of course, you have your assault rifles, battle rifles, and pistols – mainstays that Halo wouldn’t be the same without, but there are some new tools of destruction you can find scattered around the ten maps available at launch.

We’ve got to grips with all of the guns and feel confident in our definitive list of the best Halo Infinite weapons and guns you can find. We’ll also spend some time analysing the grenades and new gadgets, like the grappling gun, thrusters, and the ‘drop wall’. Knowing all about these weapons makes all the difference when rising through the Halo Infinite ranks.

The best Halo Infinite guns

Here are all of the Halo Infinite guns and power weapons:

  • MA40 AR
  • Pulse Carbine
  • BR75
  • VK78 Commando
  • Shock Rifle
  • MK50 Sidekick
  • Mangler
  • Plasma Pistol
  • Disruptor
  • CQS48 Bulldog
  • Heatwave
  • Sentinel Beam
  • Needler
  • Stalker Rifle
  • S7 Sniper
  • Skewer
  • Cindershot
  • Ravager
  • Hydra
  • M41 SPNKR
  • Energy Sword
  • Gravity Hammer

Best Halo Infinite assault rifles

This may not be all that surprising for long-time fans of the series, but both the MA40 AR and the BR75 are solid choices when it comes to choosing the best rifle in Halo Infinite. The MA40 AR can take down two enemies with a single magazine. It’s not as precise as the BR75, which can eliminate up to three enemy Spartans with one mag – if the last bullet hits an enemy without shields in the head. Both are default weapons, the MA40 AR for unranked modes and the BR75 for ranked.

The VK78 Commando is useful situationally. It does good damage at long range, but it kicks like a mule after every shot fired. It’s also not a weapon you’ll want to use at close range as the fire rate is a tad low compared to the MA40 AR, so you’re more likely to lose one-on-one duels. If the BR75 or a good sniper rifle isn’t available to you, though, the VK78 is the next best thing.

Best Halo Infinite pistols

Don’t sleep on the MK50 Sidekick. This is the default side weapon and is perhaps the best weapon in Halo Infinite. You’ll be a force to be reckoned with if you switch to it whenever your primary weapon runs out of bullets. Its fast reload speed and virtually no recoil make it a powerful option at range.

For tighter maps, the Needler is also a decent option, though you need to be relatively close to your enemy for its homing capabilities to take effect. Unloading just over half a clip into an enemy will cause them to explode and as long as you’re looking near the enemy with the trigger held down, you can focus on dodging incoming shots.

Best Halo Infinite sniper rifles

The S7 Sniper is just as deadly in Halo infinite as other Halo games, but it’s also worth considering some of the other long range options. The Skewer is very similar to the S7 Sniper, though you must reload it after every bolt fired. The Stalker Rifle doesn’t quite have the same power, but three accurate shots on an enemy with full shields is enough to take them down. You need to make sure it doesn’t overheat, but aside from that, it’s a decent option when the S7 Sniper isn’t available. The Shock Rifle is great for sniping at range and has the added benefit of damaging foes near the target you hit.

A Spartan is shooting a rocket using the M41 SPNKr, one of the best Halo Infinite weapons, at a Banshee. that's flying and shooting at the Spartan.

Best Halo Infinite anti-vehicle weapons

If you’re playing a Big Team Battle and need to deal with pesky vehicles, both the Shock Rifle and its pistol-like cousin, the Disruptor, can temporarily disable them. For destroying vehicles, a few power weapons do the job nicely, such as the M41 SPNKr rocket launcher that can also deal with clusters of enemies with ease. Still, we’d also recommend the Skewer as its powerful bolt penetrates an enemy vehicle’s armour. The Sentinel Beam also rips apart armour with a sustained energy beam.

Look out for the Hydra, a rapid-fire munitions launcher. At the cost of some of the rocket’s power, you can use the alt-fire to turn it into a homing missile launcher, which is excellent for dealing with hidden enemies and aerial vehicles such as the Wasp or the Banshee.

Halo Infinite melee weapons

Finally, while not as helpful in Big Team Battle, the Energy Sword and Gravity Hammer are powerful melee weapons that kill an enemy at full shields in one hit. Only the Overshield can withstand a blow from these weapons.

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The best Halo Infinite grenades

Here are all of the Halo Infinite grenades:

  • M9 Frag grenade
  • Plasma grenade
  • Dynamo grenade
  • Spike grenade

The M9 Frag grenade has a powerful explosion, and you always start with two in your inventory after every spawn. The Dynamo grenade is great against clusters of enemies and vehicles as it emits electricity once thrown. Both the Plasma and Spike grenades stick to surfaces, with the Plasma grenade being a tad easier to throw.

A Spartan is on fire while using the grappleshot in Halo Infinite.

The best Halo Infinite gadgets

Here are all of the Halo Infinite gadgets:

  • Active Camo
  • Drop Wall
  • Grappleshot
  • Overshield
  • Repulsor
  • Threat Sensor
  • Thruster

These gadgets all have situational uses, but the most fun ones are the Grappleshot and the Repulsor. If you need to catch up to a fleeing enemy, you can fire the Grappleshot at a distance and zip across the map at speed. Ensure there is a small yellow circle in your reticle when firing to avoid missing. The Repulsor is great to use against an enemy lobbing a grenade your way, as it deflects the grenade back at them. You can also plant it on the ground to boost jump and get to elevated positions that are hard to reach.

Of course, the Halo staples are still outstanding. The Overshield keeps you alive for slightly longer, though it does power down eventually. Active Camo is excellent for game modes such as Strongholds, as you can sneak into a control point undetected. Finally, if you’re playing Capture the Flag, the Threat Sensor gives you an early warning of enemies heading towards your flag.

Those are all of the best weapons and gadgets in Halo Infinite. All weapons have their situational use, as long as you’re not trying to kill an enemy using the Plasma Pistol, you should be fine. While you’re here, we have a Halo Infinite battle pass guide that tells you what rewards you get for completing it and details on the Halo Infinite weekly challenge rewards.

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