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The best Overwatch 2 hero for each role

Overwatch 2 best tank hero


The best Overwatch 2 hero for each role is a subjective topic thanks to there being 33 characters and counting. Since regular patches often change things up too, it can be hard to know who the best hero is in this free PC game.

While we may not know the right hero pick for you specifically, we can give you a couple of options to choose from based on the type of player you are in FPS games. Like to carry your team with DPS? Look no further. Whether you’re a wannabe aim god, a pocket support, or an aggro tank, we’ve got you covered with our top two hero picks for every player type in Overwatch 2.


Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 may come as a surprise as our top pick for the best DPS heroes, but don’t underestimate the old man. He is the perfect example of an oldie but a goodie. Soldier’s kit has barely changed from the original game, but his utility has skyrocketed with the introduction of single tank 5v5 team comps.

The double shield meta in Overwatch effectively killed Soldier’s chances to get picked as practically his whole kit revolves around line of sight. The move away from barriers in Overwatch 2, plus having one less tank on the field makes him instantly more viable. He can eliminate any enemy hero with a couple of well-timed Helix Rockets and headshots, and his ultimate ability Tactical Visor has a chance to lock on.

Soldier is simple yet effective and can be best summed up as reliable. Plus, his kit resembles a lot of older FPS loadouts, making it easier for beginners to get to grips with and start performing right out of the box.


In terms of DPS, Tracer is on the same level as Soldier: 76, but she’s our runner-up pick purely due to the skill needed to play her effectively. Gameplay in Overwatch 2 is fast and that’s basically Tracer’s whole thing. With only one tank on the field, it’s easier to get in the enemy’s back line and take out their supports, and her squishiness is countered by her rewind ability. If you’re willing to put in the practice time, Tracer could be the DPS carry for you.



D.Va’s combination of mobility, blocking ability, and a high burst ultimate make her a great pick for the best tank in Overwatch 2. With just one tank, it helps if you can do a bit of everything, and D.Va’s abilities are versatile. She can take a bit of time to master, but if you put in the work she’ll be a must-pick every game.

With fewer enemies on the field, her ultimate can be even more effective than before if timed correctly. Plus, her Defence Matrix means she can easily counter projectile abilities like Moira’s Biotic Orb or Zarya’s Graviton Surge, protecting her squishier teammates. Her Rocket Boosters are great for breaking through to the enemy’s back line, and with an armour buff and consistent damage output, you can inflict damage and get out again without leaving the team exposed for too long.


Given everything we’ve just said about the importance of mobility and speed in Overwatch 2, this quadruped robot may seem like an odd choice. She’s definitely still a more static tank than D.Va or Doomfist, but her new javelin abilities make her a great anchor to build your team comp around.

Overwatch 2’s Orisa is a lot more aggro than before and has increased survivability thanks to her Fortify ability. She’s a solid and reliable tank pick to protect your team and her Javelin Spin is great for brawler team fights. The combination of destroying incoming projectiles and pushing back enemies allows her teammates to dive in.

Overwatch 2 best hero and roles



When mobility, speed and survival are the name of the game, Lucio is our pick for the best support hero. Until Junker Queen was unleashed onto the battlefield, Lucio’s unique speed boost was crucial for aggressive, brawly play, especially on the new Push maps. Thanks to Junker Queen’s speed boost stacking with Lucio’s, he is still an extremely viable, or even essential, pick for any offensive team.

The switch to 5v5 has made Lucio’s healing field much easier to manage, and can make all the difference in close quarters combat. He may be squishy, but unless you can one-shot him, Lucio can be a nightmare to kill. The combination of wall riding, passive self-healing, and speed boosts can give enemy DPS the run-around, and the low cooldown on his Soundwave ‘boop’ ability can keep melee characters at arm’s length.


Moira may not be as fast as Lucio, but her Fade ability is the best escape ability in the game. With huge healing and damage potential and a relatively low skill ceiling, she’s a great second pick for Support. The switch to 5v5 means there’s a higher emphasis on individual contribution to the team, so Moira is great for new Support players to feel like they’re actually making a difference.

Briefly during the most recent PvP beta, Moira had an ability called Necrotic Orb which added to her damage output. But, according to the devs in recent patch notes, this led to Moira being played a lot more passively, with players waiting for the right time to strike with Necrotic Orb. Even without this new ability, Moira is a solid pick for an effective healer who can protect herself and her team in a pinch.

Overwatch 2 best brawler hero


Junker Queen

If you like to get into the thick of it, Junker Queen is the hero for you. She’s tanky, mobile, and can self-heal, plus she was designed specifically with 5v5 in mind.

Aerial ace


Mercy may not be one of our top choice healers, but with the changes to her Guardian Angel giving her more opportunities to fly, she’s still a really fun pick. If you like being able to see the match from a bird’s eye perspective and you have an Echo or a Pharah on your team, no one’s going to frown at a Mercy pick in Overwatch 2. Just look out for those hitscans!

Those are our top hero picks for every player type in Overwatch 2. While you wait for a chance to get back in there and play, why not read up on the newest hero additions Junker Queen and Sojourn for how to play these characters.