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The best Overwatch 2 support heroes ranked

Best Overwatch 2 support heroes: Ana aiming down the sights of her biotic rifle


Trying to find the best Overwatch 2 support heroes? With the new 5v5 team composition change in Overwatch 2, it’s harder for support heroes to survive as there’s only one tank on the team to protect them. Support players are more vulnerable, but they do have a new passive ability to help them out, which means they can now heal automatically after leaving combat for a few seconds.

In our best Overwatch 2 support heroes list, we’re considering how each support performs solo, rather than as part of a dedicated comp. Ultimately, they need to heal, buff, and provide utility for the other players in the FPS game. Thankfully, there are more opportunities to run around the map, giving support heroes a chance to flank and dive into fights in Overwatch 2. High mobility, healing, and damage dealing are key here, along with supporting the best Overwatch 2 DPS heroes and the best Overwatch 2 tank heroes on your team.

Before we get into it, we’ve also collated an Overwatch 2 tier list with our top picks for each role. Plus, if you’re still trying to decide which role best suits your gameplay, check out our Overwatch 2 roles guide to help pick your main.

The best Overwatch 2 support heroes are:

  • Ana
  • Lúcio
  • Kiriko
  • Brigitte
  • Baptiste
  • Zenyatta
  • Moira
  • Mercy
  • Lifeweaver


Another support hero taking advantage of biotic abilities is Ana, our final pick on this list. She comes with a nice selection of tools, from her Biotic Rifle and Sleep Dart, to the Biotic Grenade – they’re all capable of helping Ana keep her distance while doing effective damage. She’s not as speedy as the likes of Lúcio, but where she falters in speed, she makes up for in other areas.

Ana’s Biotic Grenade doubles as a healing denial tool, perfect for coordinated teams as you can target which heroes you want to take down. One well-timed Sleep Dart can shut down an attack completely, and Ana’s Nano Boost can change the tide of battle, boosting damage by 50% to a single target while also taking less damage from attacks. With this many tools at her disposal, a good Ana has the potential to heavily influence the outcome of a match.


With one less tank, it feels like there’s a lot of room in the meta for nimble heroes, and Lúcio can take full advantage of using his speed buffs and Wall Ride passive. For support heroes, mobility is key, and Lúcio is a speed demon.

Lúcio was already capable of getting out of harm’s way in an instant, but the new passive ability for support heroes means he’s always a constant presence on the battlefield, buzzing around the enemy like a bothersome bee. He’s also much, much more versatile than some of the other supports, so Lucio is a great pick if you’re playing solo.

Overwatch 2 Kiriko abilities: Kiriko holding a healing talisman in her right hand


Kiriko is the first support hero designed specifically for Overwatch 2, so her rise in the meta doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. Why is she so highly touted? Her Ofuda papers and Protection Suzu provide some solid healing output, she’s super mobile thanks to teleporting and wall climbing abilities, her kunai offer huge damage potential even at long range, and her ultimate can blast through defenses if timed correctly. She is, granted, very hard to use effectively, but she’s the perfect support if you can nail the Suzu timing, movement, and general target prioritization. If you’re looking to master her, our Overwatch 2 Kiriko abilities overview will steer you in the right direction.


What do you do when there’s only one tank? Easy, bring Brigitte, the next best thing. She can provide a lot of healing power to nearby allies – provided you can use her rocket flail effectively – but she can also rush in to help make a push, and dish out plenty of damage up close, too. Her Shield Bash is arguably even better in Overwatch 2, despite it losing its stun effect – now it’ll immediately trigger Inspire, it deals much more damage, and it can bust straight through other shields.


With the right position and a good decision-maker at the helm, Baptiste can provide decent heals, damage, and utility. His grav boots are great for gaining a vantage point, allowing you to make better calls with your utility, but as they’re always available they can also be used to dash away from hero abilities like Earth Shatter. He also has a temporary immortality ability, which can effectively counter a number of ults.


Individually, Zenyatta can be a destructive force of nature, capable of turning the tide of battle, but only if you can cash in on all the potential damage and healing output. Landing an Orb of Discord and following up with a charged Orb of Destruction can one-shot some heroes, but even if you’re just spamming it at the enemy’s tank you’re still providing your team with a massive damage buff. His support abilities are easy to deploy so he’s not purely for skilled players, but put in some practice with his damage-dealing orbs and you can make a real menace of the omnic monk.

Best Overwatch 2 support heroes: Moira holding a purple orb in her right hand and a yellow one in her left


Moira is another Overwatch 2 support who’s unchanged from the original. She’s a frontline support hero who can heal allies to full in a couple of seconds, drain enemies to keep herself alive, throw out an orb that can heal allies and hurt enemies at the same time, and escape to the backline if things get too heavy.

Compared to the other heroes, Moira’s survivability is arguably the best in the game. Her Fade ability gives her a moment to become temporarily invulnerable, allowing her to avoid any dangerous situation she finds herself in while taking a moment to utilize that all-important passive healing. Moira’s Coalescence ultimate sends out a long-range beam to heal allies while also damaging enemies it passes through.

She’s very easy to use, but the drawback is that her kit is quite basic and there’s not much you can offer your team beyond health.


Ironically, Mercy has been mercilessly nerfed in Overwatch 2 and part of the problem is that she’s got one less tank to pocket and there’s a bit less verticality in OW2’s hero design. However, she pairs extremely well with Pharah and Sojourn, so the pocket tactic is still viable for Mercy in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver: Lifeweaver delivers a sultry look to the camera while showing off his golden Biolight glove that holds the deadly pink thorns that he can unleash in a sustained volley.


We all knew Lifeweaver was going to be a complex character to get up and running, but at this point, he just seems underpowered compared to the rest of the support cast. While Lifeweaver has a number of disruption options to instantly start causing problems, this can have the opposite effect where a bad Lifeweaver player can actually become a real hindrance to his team.

And those are the best Overwatch 2 support heroes. We also have a list of all the fresh Overwatch 2 maps in case you haven’t been keeping up with news, plus a complete rundown of all the Overwatch 2 characters and their abilities to help you get your bearings.