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The Finals season one battle pass rewards

The Finals battle pass: a ballerina-type wearing a black dress and tutu.


What is in The Finals battle pass? Success in The Finals can be earned with fortitude, precision, and teamwork. Looking great in The Finals can be earned with cosmetics from the battle pass. It’s simple, really, but what can you expect to earn in The Finals battle pass? There are premium and free items that range from cool to the downright bizarre.

The Finals release date snuck up on everyone, but now that it’s here, you have no time to spare in gathering your best The Finals weapons, sorting out your best The Finals loadouts, and decking out your The Finals classes to look as menacing, or silly, as possible. Here’s everything you can earn from The Finals battle pass.

The Finals battle pass

There are 96 levels to The Finals Season 1 battle pass, with 25 of these tiers being available for free. The battle pass costs 1150 Multibucks, which is the equivalent of $9.99 / £8.39. You can buy the premium battle pass in the menu where you can opt for either the battle pass alone, or the battle pass with 20 level skips.

Here is everything included in The Finals Season 1 battle pass:

Level Reward Tier
1 Flowery Speech (emoticon) Free
2 Jackpot Juggle (animation) Premium
3 Multibucks Premium
4 Nevermore Encore (spray) Free
5 Let’s Rock ‘N’ Roll (sound) Premium
6 Street Grooves (emote) Free
7 Multibucks Premium
8 Rockabilly (skin) Premium
9 Sparkle Sparkle (sticker) Free
10 Diamonds Diamonds (R .357) Premium
11 Chamber Check (animation) Premium
12 Multibucks Premium
13 Diamonds Diamonds (Goo Gun) Premium
14 Bling Bling (charm) Premium
15 Ammo Audit (animation) Premium
16 Diamonds Diamonds (V9S) Free
17 Punchline Pop-Up (emoticon) Premium
18 Volpe Dataglove (charm) Free
19 Multibucks Premium
20 Shadow Boxer (emote) Premium
21 Volpe Virtual (sticker) Free
22 Challenge Accepted (sound) Premium
23 Multibucks Premium
24 Volpe Haptic Jab (skin) Premium
25 Amped Assertion (sound) Premium
26 Airwave Anthem (emoticon) Premium
27 Multibucks Free
28 Hair (cosmetic) Premium
29 Glam Grease (cosmetic) Premium
30 Multibucks Premium
31 Rock On (gesture) Free
32 Riff Wrecker (Sledgehammer) Premium
33 Slick Stoppie (charm) Premium
34 Holtow Approved (spray) Free
35 Multibucks Premium
36 Claim Victory (emote) Premium
37 Playing With Fire (emote) Free
38 Holtow Inspired (sticker) Premium
39 Multibucks Free
40 Holtow Coverage (cosmetic) Premium
41 Virtually All In (spray) Premium
42 Easy Money (sound) Free
43 Multibucks Premium
44 Roll The Dice (emote) Premium
45 No-Tell Specs (cosmetic) Free
46 Multibucks Premium
47 Die Happy (charm) Premium
48 Mini Roulette (Lewis Gun) Premium
49 Easy Come, Easy Go (emoticon) Premium
50 Multibucks Premium
51 Ante-Dote (charm) Premium
52 House-Edge Visor (cosmetic) Premium
53 Chip In (sticker) Free
54 Ace Offensive (spray) Premium
55 Multibucks Premium
56 52 Pickup (Throwing Knives) Free
57 Break Up (emoticon) Premium
58 Bouquet Bash (emote) Premium
59 ‘Til Death Do Us Part (sound) Free
60 Boutonniere Boom (SH1900) Premium
61 Romance Rift (sticker) Premium
62 Engaged In Battle (cosmetic) Free
63 Multibucks Premium
64 Vow Warrior (skin) Premium
65 Arena Invader (emoticon) Premium
66 Small Encounters (charm) Free
67 Multibucks Premium
68 Stranger Danger (sticker) Premium
69 SETI Stepper (Jump Pad) Premium
70 Multibucks Free
71 Moomentus Liftoff (sticker) Premium
72 Beam Bye-Bye (emote) Premium
73 Peaceful Arrival (sticker) Premium
74 Cosmic Blessing (emote) Free
75 Multibucks Premium
76 Harvest Hoax (spray) Premium
77 Martian Greeting (Frag Grenade) Premium
78 Multibucks Premium
79 We Come In Peace (sound) Free
80 Captain Saucerian (skin) Premium
81 Flat-Tastic Fob (charm) Free
82 Multibucks Premium
83 Truth-Tunnel Jumper (cosmetic) Premium
84 Fact Foiler (cosmetic) Premium
85 Multibucks Free
86 Debate Deflater (emote) Premium
87 Disc Of Dispute (spray) Premium
88 Tinfoil Takedown (Goo Gun) Premium
89 Ruffled Feathers (emoticon) Premium
90 Crow’s Memory (R .357) Premium
91 Multibucks Free
92 Shadow Flock (spray) Premium
93 Runny Shadow (cosmetic) Premium
94 Hot-Handed (emote) Premium
95 Cash Crow (pet) Free
96 Odilia, the Trickster (skin) Premium

How to level up The Finals battle pass

Each level in the battle pass will take 9,000 XP to complete. You can earn these XP and level up the battle pass by playing quickplay matches, tournaments, and completing contracts. Quickplay matches are one of the most efficient ways to earn XP  in The Finals, as they live up to their name and are rapid matches. You can choose from Quick Cash or Bank It, depending on your preferred mode. Winning will net you 1,550 XP in a quickplay game.

Tournaments give a higher XP reward per game, but they do take longer t complete. There are eliminations after each match in a tournament, so it’s quite a time investment for the big XP rewards. Winning, obviously, will get you the most XP in either game mode. Winning a tournament will grant you around 5,000 XP.

Contracts are another rapid way to get battle pass XP. These come in the form of daily and weekly challenges that you can complete. The weekly challenges offer the most XP, and may include objectives such as stealing an opposition’s cash out in progress, or banking the most cash per game. Contracts can get you a massive 12,000 XP per day or 20,000 XP per week, if you complete them all.

There are a fair few items available in the free track of the battle pass, but, as you can see, the main chunk of rewards only comes with the premium purchase. If you’ve yet to dip your toe into the world of The Finals, check out The Finals system requirements and the best The Finals settings so you get the best experience possible.