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Palworld Weapons – Where To Find Them

The trainer is holding a Three Shot Bow, one of the best Palworld weapons for the early game. Some sheep-like Pals are nearby.


What are the best Palworld guns? You’ve seen the trailers by now, so chances are you’ve seen the Grizzbolt firing a minigun or your character shooting critters with a pistol. The reality is that all of this is late-game stuff, and you’ll begin with rather primitive gear.

So, to get the best Palworld weapons, you will need to get tons of Palworld technology points and unlock the new equipment. This involves raising the main character’s level, and since you and your Pals will need to train hard, here are some tips on how to level up in Palworld fast and get the best weapons available.

Best Palworld guns and weapons

The best Palworld weapons for the early game are:

  • Melee – Sword
  • Rifle – Assault Rifle
  • Pistol – Handgun
  • Shotgun – Pump-Action Shotgun
  • Explosive – Rocket Launcher
  • Bow – Three Shot Bow

Early on, your choice of weapons is rather primitive, but we recommend that you at least bring a Stone Axe, Stone Pickaxe, and an Old Bow when first venturing out. Melee options are generally not great for combat, though the Sword does the most damage overall. Axes and Pickaxes are more essential for gathering Palworld resources, but the Old Bow is your first proper ranged weapon option.

While the elemental bows and crossbows are handy against certain Pals, you must constantly swap them out and use the relevant arrows, which are expensive to craft. This is a bit of a hassle, so we recommend focusing on the Triple Shot Bow instead. This is one of the best Palworld weapons in the early game, as it fires off three arrows at once for the price of one. If you stand relatively close to your target, all arrows will hit for their base damage. This can keep you going until you can begin crafting guns at Technology Level 21.

From this point on, every gun you create will be better than the last, so once you reach the relevant tech level, try to craft the new firearm that’s available and stock up on the ammunition it takes before taking it out with you on an expedition. You can also opt to have one gun of each type but always have the most advanced version of the weapon type possible.

The Technology tree showing the recipe for making the Three Shot Bow, one of the best Palworld weapons for the early game.

All Palworld weapons

Here are all the Palworld weapons we’ve found so far in the early access build:

Weapon Type Tech Level Recipe
Assault Rifle Gun 45 40 Refined Ingot
10 Polymer
30 Carbon Fiber
Bat Melee 7 30 Wood
30 Stone
Crossbow Bow 13 50 Wood
40 Stone
10 Ingot
5 Nail
Double-Barrel Shotgun Gun 39 30 Refined Ingot
7 Polymer
Fire Bow Bow 5 40 Wood
8 Stone
20 Fiber
2 Flame Organ
Fire Arrow Crossbow Bow 15 50 Wood
50 Stone
15 Ingot
5 Nail
5 Flame Organ
Frag Grenade Explosive 31 10 Fiber
10 Stone
1 Gunpowder
Handgun Gun 29 50 Ingot
15 High Quality Pal Oil
Hand-held Torch Melee 1 2 Wood
2 Stone
Ice Grenade Explosive 37 10 Fiber
10 Stone
1 Ice Organ
Incendiary Grenade Explosive 41 10 Fiber
10 Stone
1 Flame Organ
Lily’s Spear Melee 40 (Ancient Tech) 20 Paldium Fragment
30 Refined Ingot
20 High Quality Cloth
50 Wood
20 Ancient Civilization Part
Makeshift Handgun Gun 25 35 Ingot
10 High Quality Pal Oil
30 Fiber
Metal Pickaxe Melee 11 15 Stone
20 Wood
5 Ingot
Metal Axe Melee 11 15 Stone
20 Wood
5 Ingot
Metal Spear Melee 13 27 Wood
12 Stone
10 Ingot
Meat Cleaver Melee 12 5 Ingot
20 Wood
5 Stone
Musket Gun 21 25 Ingot
5 High Quality Pal Oil
30 Wood
Old Bow Bow 3 30 Wood
5 Stone
15 Fiber
Poison Bow Bow 8 40 Wood
8 Stone
20 Fiber
2 Venom Gland
Poison Arrow Crossbow Bow 17 50 Wood
50 Stone
15 Ingot
5 Nail
5 Venom Gland
Pump-Action Shotgun Gun 42 30 Refined Ingot
20 Polymer
40 Carbon Fiber
Refined Metal Axe Melee 34 30 Stone
40 Wood
10 Refined Ingot
Refined Metal Pickaxe Melee 34 30 Stone
40 Wood
10 Refined Ingot
Refined Metal Spear Melee 34 36 Wood
18 Stone
10 Refined Ingot
Rocket Launcher Explosives 49 75 Pal Metal Ingot
30 Polymer
50 Carbon Fiber
Single-Shot Rifle Gun 36 20 Refined Ingot
5 Polymer
Stone Axe Melee 1 5 Wood
5 Stone
Stone Pickaxe Melee 1 5 Wood
5 Stone
Stone Spear Melee 4 18 Wood
6 Stone
Stun Baton Melee 22 20 Ingot
20 Electric Organ
Sword Melee 44 30 Refined Ingot
20 Wood
20 Stone
Three Shot Bow Bow 10 50 Wood
12 Stone
30 Fiber
Wooden Club Melee 1 5 Wood

The trainer is using their Pal as a submachine gun mount which is one of the best partner abilities for Palworld weapons.

Pals that can be used as weapons

There are also plenty of the 113 Palworld Pals whose partner ability allows them to wield guns or gives them a team-up ability where you use them as a gun. Here is a quick reference for all the currently available Pals that you can use as ranged weapons:

Pal Ability
Tanzee Shoots an AK47 rifle by itself.
Pengullet Team up with Pengullet to turn it into an explosive launcher.
Grizzbolt Climb on top of Grizzbolt and use its minigun. Can also be used as Cover.
Mossanda Climb on top of Mossander and use its Dual Rocket Launchers.
Jolthog Pick up Jolthog and throw it as an electric grenade.
Foxparks Pick up Foxparks and use it as a flamethrower.
Tocotoco Pick up Tocotoco and use it as a grenade launcher.
Jetragon Climb on top of Jetragon and use it as a missile turret.
Relaxaurus Climb on top of Relaxaurus and use it as a missile turret.
Lambball Pick up to use as a Fluffy Shield or assign to a Sandbox to use a mounted machine gun.
Robinquill Shoots a Short Bow by itself.
Lifmunk Pick up Lifmunk and use it as a submachine gun.

Those are all the best Palworld weapons. These weapons cost Palworld resources to make and maintain, so keep yourself stocked by setting Palworld jobs for your base Pals to complete while you’re adventuring. To help you get these weapons quickly, we recommend upgrading your Palworld base level and tips on Palworld breeding to hatch those most desired Pals.